Bringing equine innovation together at Enniskillen Campus

CAFRE Innovation Day BR Farm
FEEDING SYSTEM: Pacefeeder is a hay feeding system, which is designed to tackle hay waste and reduce boredom in horses. (FW43-555NN)

THE recent Equine Innovation day, which was held at CAFRE Enniskillen campus, was attended by a wide-ranging audience of equine businesses, members of the public and students.

The day kicked off with an innovation exhibition, where 16 businesses and organisations showcased their products and services, which included horse feeders, saddles, online apps and software, light therapy, equine rehabilitation, gene tests, parasite control, as well as funding options for current and future business ideas. Members of the industry, as well as students, had the opportunity to talk and network with the businesses and learn about new product developments and emerging scientific research in the industry.

PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT: Equilume were one of the exhibitors at the recent equine innovation day and also gave a talk on new product development. (FW43-554NN)

Practical demonstrations showing some of the technology which is used at Enniskillen Campus, took place in the equitation and racing yards and in the indoor arena. These demonstrations included dust monitoring and hay steaming technology, methods of equine weight management, foaling alarms, parasite detection, saddle pressure mats and horse and rider gait analysis.

The final part of the day involved three highly motivational and inspiring technical talks from industry members, who have used either technology or scientific research to develop cutting edge products and services, which are in high demand and therefore developed their business.

The businesses also talked about some of the challenges that they encountered on their journey to getting to market.

VETERINARY: Shanaghan Veterinary services were one of the exhibitors at the recent Equine Innovation day. (FW43-553NN)

There was significant audience engagement throughout the day and positive feedback from industry members.


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