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50 July 2 1968 Judging SM Farm

To mark their victory in the International Young Farmers’ Club beef-cattle judging competition at the Royal Highland Show, the Ulster YFC team were entertained by Mr Thompson Wade at Drumkeen Hotel.

Also included in the party were Mr Hubert Gabbie of Crossgar, and the reserve member of the team, William Cochrane of Coleraine. Richard Park took first, individual, and John Hunter, second.

Mr Wade, in congratulating the team, said that they had brought credit to Ulster. Undoubtedly the experience would prove a profitable one to them.

It was regrettable, he felt, that the beef judging contest was likely to be discarded. It had brought many rewards to all who had taken part over the years. It would be difficult to find a substitute which would bestow the same benefits on young farmers.

Reference was also made to the intensive training which had been undertaken by the team, requiring some 21 outings to different farms and different herds. Mr Wade said that definitely the Ulster team had performed their ‘homework’ well for the event.

Mr John McCormack, also of John Thompson and Sons Ltd, joined in the congratulations, mentioning that the success had reflected great honour on the young team from Ulster. They had shown immense enthusiasm.

It was also mentioned that Douglas Morrow was the third member of the Morrow family to appear on a YFC International team.

All members of the team returned thanks to John Thompson and Sons Ltd for the recognition given in a pleasant, tangible way.


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