Building a Horticulture Business

Campus - Reece TD Farm
RIGHT: Reece McKay, Foundation degree in Horticulture student at Greenmount Campus.

Reece McKay,

Foundation Degree in Horticulture student at CAFRE, Greenmount Campus, writes:

SKILLS: Reece, practicing his landscaping skills as part of his course at Greenmount Campus.

HI, my name is Reece McKay. I have just start-ed my second year of the Foundation Degree in Horticulture at Greenmount Campus.

Although I already have my own business in Garden Design and Maintenance, I decided to study Horticulture with the aim of improving both my technical and business skills.

I just had a very busy summer landscaping, which was helped along by the good weather. I also competed in the UK Landscape Gardening Skills competition and I am delighted to have been selected to take part in the next round of the competition in November.

The second year of my course will help provide me with even more knowledge and skills to underpin my business.

I’m really looking forward to the Garden Design module where we take on a real design project. We meet the client, work on our design, then draw up the plans and estimate the costs. The final stage of the process is to present the plan to the client.

In the second year there is also a strong business element. We learn about contracts and the tendering process and even how to write a business plan.

Needless to say I will be basing this on my own business, which I hope to grow and expand when I take it up full-time.

But life at Greenmount is not only about the studies. I am on the course with a fantastic group of students, all with different interests and exciting plans for the future.

We work hard together and really enjoy going on industry visits where we get to see different aspects in the world of Horticulture such as parks management and nursery pro-duction.

We also get to network with the professionals, which is enjoyable, enlightening and will stand me in good stead in the future.

All in all I am really enjoying my Foundation degree course and would thoroughly recommend it to anyone with an interest in Horticulture.


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