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Bumper entries see great start to TRI Inter-Schools’ league at The Meadows

WITH over 400 entries, the TRI Inter-Schools’ show jumping league got off to a fantastic start at the Meadows Equestrian Centre, Lurgan on Saturday. Under a glorious blue sky, both arenas were kept in action well into the evening, entrants travelled from all across the province and the bordering counties to compete in one of the largest schools’ show jumping series in the North of Ireland.

The next leg of the TRI Schools’ series will take place on Saturday, October 2, with entries being accepted through the online entry system found on


Saturday, September 18

TRI Inter-Schools’ show jumping league

Primary Individual 50cm: 1) Rebekah Walker, Smoke Gun, Stewartstown Primary School; 2) Molly Reid, Miss Toastie, Riverdale PS; 3) Henry McCarthy, Casper, Downshire Primary; 4) Kathryn Walker, Aughmore Dante, Stewartstown Primary School; 5) Ellen Irwin, Kimblewick, Donaghey; 6) Paige Erwin, Henry, Loanends Primary School.

Primary Individual 60cm: 1) Eabha Brennan, Pallas Lad, Scoil Mhuire, Creeslough; 2) Henry McCarthy, Casper, Downshire Primary School; 3) Annie Flanagan, Button Moon, Lisnadill Primary School; 4) Taylor-Lee Doyle, Jack-A-Roo, Portadown Integrated Primary School; 5) Sophie McBride, Rolo, The Armstrong Primary School, Armagh; 6) Lily Zwecker, Sophie, Drumhillery Primary School.

Primary Teams: 1) Iveagh Little Mix: Sparky, Tilley Tumilty; Waitwith Dynasty, Ellie Murphy; Henry, Ted Geary; Bambi, Tilley Tumilty; 2) The Lads: Lizzie, Freddie Castles; Blaney’s Boy, Isaac McCarthy; Susie, Ted Geary; Lol, Freddie Castles; 3) The Saddle Sisters: Percy, Annabelle Betts; Casper, Annabelle Clarke; Rialsa Riverdance, Zara McConnell; Seapatrick Make a Move, Pippa Moore; 4) The Super Sonics: Rolo, Sophie McBride; Daisy, Sarah Pike; Spirit, Josephine Nell; Peaches, Frank McCusker; 5) Lisnadill Primary School: Tinkerbell, Phoebe Starrett; Rolo, Katie Morton; Poppy, Annie Flanagan.

Primary Individual 70cm: 1) Tilley Tumilty, Bambi, Bridge Integrated Primary School; 2) Eabha Brennan. Millfields Kilnascully, Scoil Mhuire, Creeslough; 3) Tilley Tumilty, Sparky, Bridge Integrated Primary School; 4) Charlotte Nelson, Reggie, Spa Primary School; 5) Annabelle Betts, Percy, Tandragee PS; 6) Ted Geary, Susie, Downshire Primary.

Secondary 75cm: 1) Jack Cowan, Edentrillick Honeybee, Lurgan Junior High School; 2) Kian McNally, Pegasus, Christian Bros Primary, Armagh; 3) Olivia Nell, Tilly (TBC); 4) Molly McGurgan, Sparkles, St Patrick’s PS, Armagh; 5) Ellie Hynds, Willow, St Francis Primary; 6) Emily Maneely, Scarletts Lulu, Magherafelt High School.

Novice Teams: 1) Rockport School: Parc Creme Brulee, Arielle Allen; Woodfield Superstar, Jay Doherty; Sweet Lily, Jay Doherty; IHWT Poppet, Niamh Devlin; 2) Kilkeel High School: Star, Katie Niblock; Tilly, Emma Gillespie; Dancer, Kelsea Maginnis; Silver, Molly Maigorrian; 3) Dromore High School: Rockshore Rebel, Katie McKee; Fairfax Fletcher, Mia Dickson; Heidi, Jenna Morton; Little Me, Sophie Sloan; 4) Banbridge Academy – Waddell: Malin Belle, Harry Purdy; Beezies Minty, Emma Stewart; Canadian Express, Lexie Kerr; Cavehill Timmy, Kirsty Fisher; 5) Belfast Royal Academy: Rubone Candy, Erin McCrea; Knockagarron Fear Bui Phoenix, Toby McCrea; Knockagarron Fear Bui Princess, Bertie McCrea; Knockagarron Fear Bui Phoenix, Erin McCrea; 6) Saint Catherine’s College Armagh: Polo, Grace Harney; Tullynaheady Blaze, Una McClelland; JJ, Brooke Rafferty; Missie, Brooke Rafferty.

Novice Individual: 1) Rianna Mulligan, Highlandy Rebel, Enniskillen Royal Grammar School; 2) Taylor McKnight, Astrix, Rathfriland High School; 3) Lucy Orr, Dotty, Royal School Dungannon; 4) Molly McGinn, Lizzie, St Marks High School; 5) Kian McNally, Pegasus, Christian Bros Primary, Armagh; 6) Molly Magorrian, Lisgreen Silver Prince, Kilkeel High School.

Open Teams: 1) Down Highflyers: Holly, Abby Cummiskey; Fancy Trend, Megan Nelson; Matt, Annie Gibson; Arubahrain, Zara Sharvin; 2) Foyle College II: Sparking Delta Dawn, Eenna Hamilton; Hillbillie Rocky, Alex Patterson; Mister Milo, Lauren Herman; Fernando, Erin Herman; 3) Rockport School: OMS Dark Prospect, Alice Salters; Runaway Dolly, Arielle Allen; Carragoir Blaze, Alice Salters; Morepark Alamo, Samara Doherty; 4) Down High Eagles: Nature’s Blossom, Rachael Broome; Bonecastle Lass, Cara MacNabb; Lissyegan Bay News, Katie Watson; Tai, Megan Nelson; 5) Carrickfergus Grammar School: Dúach Shadow, Katelyn Irvine; L’As de Coeur, Ben Foster; Brackhowney Bright Night, Ross Graham; Corha Delight, Katelyn Irvine; 6) Saint Catherine’s College Armagh: Diamond Mountain, Emer Magee; Dolly, Brooke Rafferty; Wildfire Rio, Aoife Gribben.

Open Individual: 1) Rianna Mulligan, Highlandy Rebel, Enniskillen Royal Grammar School; 2) Scarlet Thompson, Interstat Cleopatra, Glenlola Collegiate; 3) Sam Jackson, Doonini Z, Larne Grammar School; 4) Megan Nelson, Fancy, Down High School; 5) Brooke Rafferty, Dolly, St. Catherines College, Armagh; 6) Grace McNee, Westwaysummer, Foyle College.

Premier Individual: 1) Scarlet Thompson, Interstat Cleopatra, Glenlola Collegiate; 2) Ben Cousins, Broughshane Boy, Down High School; 3) Ella Heron, Dam Boy, Hunterhouse College; 4) Gracie Bright, Monroe Star, Antrim Grammar; 5) Zara Sharvin, Arubahrain, Down High School; 6) Rebekah McKinstry, Cornhill Rose, Dromore High.

Bree Rutledge

If you would like to find out more about Horse Week, Bree Rutledge can be contacted by email: or or by telephone: +44 (0) 28 9033 4493.




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