Busy days for Moira

50 July 7 1970 Moira SM Farm

When she finishes her day’s work as a clerk in the Government’s Training Centre in Ballymena, there is little relaxation for Miss Moira Duffin when she returns to her home at Upper Ballyboley, near Larne.

For Moira, a former Co Antrim Dairy Princess and ex hon secretary of Kilwaughter YFC, the chances are that she will be spending the remainder of the day assisting her brother John on their 1,600 acre hill farm which supports 1,110 sheep and 60 Galloway cattle.

Armed with her crook, Moira thinks nothing of tramping over the great expanse of hill country around Shane’s Hill and doing the necessary chores associated with sheep breeding.

At present Moira is helping with the sheep shearing.


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