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Busy week of competition at Connell Hill

A very busy week at Connell Hill, Randalstown started off with the continuation of the SJI Summer Horse League on Thursday, July 1. All competitors enjoyed the weather and the course, but the highlight of the week definitely had to be the Youngster and Five-Star Tour two-day show on Saturday and Sunday, July 3 and 4.

The Youngster and Five-Star show started with an 80cm class on Saturday and continued with Qualifiers for the Four, Five, Six and Seven/ Eight-year-old classes for the final, which is due to be held in Mullingar Equestrian Centre in August. Terrific numbers in all the classes made for a very exciting show, giving all horses of every age and experience the chance to qualify. All show details and entries can be found on the website:


Thursday, July 1

SJI Summer Horse League

80cm – Double Clear: Ryan Hunter, Major Tom KWPN; Kerrie Knipe, Doonaveeragh Victor; Kerrie Knipe, Interpreter.

90cm – Double Clear: Nicky Nesbitt, Carrickview Saratoga; Kerrie Knipe, Doonaveeragh Victor; Kerrie Knipe, Interpreter.

1m – Double Clear: Luke Campbell, The Windmill Belle; John Jackson, Moneybroom Flamenco Boy; Kathryn Watt, Derg Bonnie Rose; Nicky Nesbitt, Ringfort India; Ryan Hunter, HSC Eye Candy; Luke Campbell, Elamo Candy Floss; Edward Little, Roundthorn Minerva; Samantha Billings, Doonini Z; Caroline Gaston, Attyrory Ark; Sarah Baillie, Peppermill Clover.

1.10m: 1) Emma Forbes, Royal Lucy Lui; 2) Samantha Billings, Doonini Z; 3) Chloe Graham, KEC Lanz; 4) Edward Little, Castlefield Mia; 5) Luke Campbell, BBK Sumaya.

1.20m: 1) Edward Little, Castlefield Mia.

1.30m: 1) Ben Walsh, Hasty Road; 2) Victoria Thompson, Armani Velvet.

Saturday, July 3

Youngster Tour

80cm – Double Clear: Ryan Hunter, Major Tom; Julie Barr, Kellswater Conquest.

Four-Year-Old Qualifier – Double Clear: Ellen Hughes, Bella 18; Mark Calvert, Baskin Cristelle; Lorraine Leavesley, Baile an Doire Emerald; Barry McCormack, He’s Definitely Irish; Charlotte Eakin, Gannon Hiello Blue; Liam McGarry, Javas Bespoke; Noel McKee, Keeford Loveheart; James Lewis Johnston, Sugar Cara; Barry McCormack, Ludo’s Promise; Aisling Doherty, Sydney PMD; Ryan Hunter, Dowdstown Lucky Boy; Yvonne Whiteside.

90cm – Double Clear: Stephen Darragh, SDS Tilly; Billy Adrain, Je T’Aime Be Be; Vicki Dible; Glenn Martin, Summerbridge Royal; Elle Rose Martin, Beach House; Sophie Adrain, Del Boy Obos; Barry McCormack, He’s Definitely Irish; Liam McGarry, Javas Bespoke; Victoria Boville, Call Me Cool; Katy Connor, Ballyrobin for Pleasure.

Five-Year-Old Qualifier – Double Clear: Danielle Logan, Cherished; Laura Brown-McCann, Gracefield Mufasa; Kevin Mackey, Tokyo; Sophie Adrain, Del Boy Obos; Jodie Creighton, Pon De Replay; Olivia Roulston, Lammy Chipanix; Simon Scott, Carrickadawson Candy; Sarah Moore, Baskin Phinale; John Higgins, MB Sandro Star; Rachel Whann, Daquin de Muze; Jodie Creighton, Poppy Diamond; Olivia Roulston, CBS Quinntina; Helen Pearson, It’s Partytime Coco; Jennifer Torrens, Fyfin Ramiro; Simon Scott, Dullerton High Tide; Naomi McCavana, Ferro Charm; Claire Conlon, Creeveroe Cody.

1m – Double Clear: Sarah Kelly, Baby Charlton; Ryan Hunter, HSC Eye Candy; Sarah Kinnear, Levante; Andrew Boville, BMC Clover Cruise; Caroline Gaston, Attyrory Ark; Glenn Martin, Summerbridge Royale; Sian Devon, Kensington Einstein; Grace McGarry, Imanthos; Wilma Farquar, Moylough Last Dance.

Six-Year-Old Qualifier: 1) Jane Kealey, Danny Boy 11; 2) JP McGranaghan, KEC Heathcliff; 3) Jennifer Torrens, Morning Attraction; 4) Ellen Ward, Tullyoran Candy Ride; 5) Anna Desmond, Ziroccool; 6) Sharon Conlon, Beach Toy.

1.10m: 1) Kevin Mackey, Havana; 2) Charlene Clingan, Coppindell Concorde; 3) David Nelson, Remo; 4) Katy McLean, Drumrankin Serpent; 5) Ellen Ward, Tullyoran Candy Ride; 6) Harriet Whoriskey Heaney.

Seven/ Eight-Year-Old Qualifier: 1) Lisa Doogan, Cove Park; 2) Simon Scott, Lux Like Candy; 3) Alana Roulston, Boher Clover Flight; 4) Ellen McCollum, Trendsetter; 5) Paul Caves, Cafre Quality Clover; 6) David Nelson, Remo.

1.20m: 1) Yvonne Whiteside, Tehenga Beach; 2) Dylan Ward, Argentah; 3) Richard McIvor, Jamboree; 4) Lorraine Leavsley, Sherlocks Opium; 5) Ana Desmond, Zirocool.

1.30m: 1) John Higgins, C and G Pie; 2) Paul Caves, Cafre Quality Clover; 3) John Higgins, Val de Mazeroy; 4) Yvonne Whiteside, Tehenga Beach.

Sunday, July 4

Five-Star Tour

1-Star: 1) Laura Carrick, Mo Curadh Beag; 2) Julie Barr, Kellswater Conquest; 3) Niamh McDaid, Castledoe Olive; 4) Karen Pearson, Cluide Mist; 5) Kendra Reynolds, Woldhoeves Im so Gentle; 6) Kerrie Knipe, Interpreter.

2-Star: 1) Karen Pearson, Hanley News; 2) Victoria Brown, Bunninadden

Beauty; 3) Rebecca Sim, CHS Bondi Beach; 4) Laura Carrick, Mo Curadh Beag; 5) Alex Magill, Admiran Cassio; 6) Alana Dunlop, Million Dollar Girl.

3-Star: 1) Nicola Hall, Ladykiller; 2) Ian Moore, Pinecroft Galaxy; 3) Katie Scott, Quintano Optimus; 4) Katy McLean, Drumrankin Serpent; 5) Sarah Irwin, Billy Murphy; 6) Sarah Bailie, Peppermill Clover.

4-Star: 1) Charlotte Eakin, Ursus; 2) Joanne Gibson, Villanelle; 3) Dylan Ward, Kruser DHH; 4) Dylan Ward, Argentah.

5-Star: 1) Katie Scott, Gelvin Rock; 2) Victoria Brown, Centadel Sensation; 3) Daryl Somerville, Paris Delux; 4) Shane McGlone, SMG Fruiser; 5) Dylan Ward, Kruser DHH; 6) Dylan Ward, Diamant De La Mar.

Bree Rutledge

If you would like to find out more about Horse Week, Bree Rutledge can be contacted by email: or or by telephone: +44 (0) 28 9033 4493.




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