Busy weekend as Meadows hosts Ballyward Finals

Meadows BR Farm
1.30M: Micheal Cave and ‘Ardragh Tim Tam’, winners of the 1.30m class at The Meadows. (FW35-571NN) PICTURES: courtesy of Tori O’C Photography

WHILST the weather could have been forecast as ‘changeable’, overcast skies greeted competitors for the continuation of their two-day show, which incorporated the grand finale of the 2018 Ulster Region SJI and Ballyward Equestrian Summer Tour.

On day one, (Saturday, August 25) in the 1.30m class, it was regular attender Michael Cave who took the win on-board ‘Ardragh Tim Tam’, owned by Ollie Ward. Cave was one of only three combinations that recorded double clears over the course designed by resident designer Aaron McCusker, stopping the clock in 35.99 seconds.

1.20M: Alexandra Bailey and ‘Callie LVS Z’, winners of the 1.20m class at The Meadows. (FW35-570NN)

As always in arena 2, the Unregistered classes were very well supported, with over 130 entries passing through the arena.

On Sunday, August 26, competitors were greeted to a rainy morning at the Embankment Road venue for the final of the 2018 Ballyward Equestrian Summer Tour, supported by SJI Ulster Region.

With a start list of 36 combinations, the gauntlet was set by the resident course designer team at the Meadows, whose combined efforts tested the minds of both horse and rider. With an early draw in the first round, Simon Scott set a blistering time as pathfinder in the Grand Prix to retain the red ribbons, setting an uncatchable time of 38.69 seconds.


Saturday, August 25

90cm: =1) David Gibson’s Ashfield Red Ginger, David Gibson; J V Primrose’s Killyglass Diamante, Nathan Primrose; Rachel Hall’s LKC Kannanmore, Rachel Hall; Kayleigh Elizabeth Young’s Lougherne Celtic Tiger, Kayleigh Elizabeth Young; Ian Chapman’s OS Pouilly Fusse, Rachel Chapman; Dessie Irwin’s Trebra Premier Douglas, Darren Irwin.

1m: =1) The Ballydun Group c/o Edward Little’s Carnlea Bella, Edward Little; The Ballydun Group c/o Edward Little’s Carnlea Premier Balou, Edward Little; Russell Alexander’s Comeback 35, Russell Alexander; Eleanora Cunningham’s Holly Balloo, Emily Hill; Rachel Thompson’s Its Falaise, Suzanne Posnett; Meghan Clarke’s Jonnie Walker, Meghan Clarke; Celtic Park Horses’s KG Clover Cruise, Alison Irwin; Lisa Patterson’s Little Miss Shutterfly, Lisa Patterson; Brian Smyth’s Lucy Ludo, Brian Smyth; Richard J W Smyth’s Mulvin Ed, Jonathan Smyth; Ash-Lee Brown’s Omard Sunrise Beach, Luke Campbell; Kara McKee’s Royal Equity, Jayne Walmsley; Lisa Patterson’s Royal Lucy Lui, Lisa Patterson; Eleanora Cunningham’s Samba Dancer, Jonny Gordon; Jackie Short’s Utaki Balia, John Higgins; Dessie Irwin’s VDL Pacino Time, Darren Irwin; David Conlon’s Vicknakelly Vision, Ruth O’Brien.

1.10m: 1) Niccola Hall’s Ladykiller, Niccola Hall; 2) Gerald Doherty’s Krypton DV, Claire Doherty; 3) Alexandra Bailey’s Callie LVS Z, Alexandra Bailey; 4) Beth Armstrong’s Orchard Echo, Suzanne Posnett; 5) Norman Townley’s The Clover Pledge, Norman Townley; 6) Shannon Mackenzie’s Dyolita, Kevin Mackey.

1.20m: 1) Alexandra Bailey’s Callie LVS Z, Alexandra Bailey; 2) Shannon Mackenzie’s Castletara Lady Lux, Kevin Mackey; 3) Shannon Mackenzie’s Bens Lady Lux, Kevin Mackey; 4) John Higgins’s Contillon Blue, John Higgins; 5) Billy Adrain’s Microchip, Billy Adrain; 6) Avril Gibson’s SGS Miss Cobra, Stephen Gibson.

1.30m: 1) Ollie Ward’s Ardragh Tim Tam, Michael Cave; 2) Heffron Equine Ltd’s Baskin Diva, Michael Cave; 3) David Gibson’s SGS Welcome Louie, Stephen Gibson; 4) J V Primrose’s Uniek I Z, Nathan Primrose; 5) Noletta Smyth & Roy Craig’s Mulvin Lui, Jonathan Smyth.

Sunday, August 26

90cm Summer Tour: =1) Shirley Smyth’s Jailhouse Rock, Shirley Smyth; Kara McKee’s Royal Equity, Jayne Walmsley; Catherine Lundy’s Ace’s Delight, Cerys Lundy; Willie Craig’s Fyfin Gold, Jonathan Smyth; Yvonne Whiteside’s LGS Safari, Yvonne Whiteside; Dee Barrett-Davies’s Lady Thunder Van Het Rozenhof, Dee Barrett-Davies.

1m Summer Tour: =1) Eleanora Cunningham’s Holly Balloo, Emily Hill; Eavan White’s O’Harabrook, Fiona Thompson; Stephen Lowry’s Terrys Moyan, Ellen McCollum; Anne Torrens’s MemyselfandI, Erin Crawford; Shirley Smyth’s Jailhouse Rock, Shirley Smyth; Colm Doherty’s Knockalla Hold Up, Peter Smyth; Geraldine Ferran’s Hilya, Teaghán Eamonn Burns; Laura Crown’s Miss Lady Lux, Laura Crown.

1.10m Summer Tour: 1) Rory Lavery’s Glenkeeran Carsonstown, Rory Lavery; 2) Simon Scott’s Baby Charlton, Sarah M Kelly; 3) Sarah Burns’s Georgies Star, Sarah Burns; 4) Patrick McWilliams’s Fivonia G, Patrick John McWilliams; 5) Hannah Patterson’s Kilbrackan Blue Cruise, Hannah Patterson; 6) Tom Treanor’s Zentus T, Lauren McCabe.

1.20m Summer Tour: 1) John Morgan’s Moyleview Dancer, Barry McCormack; 2) Emma Jackson’s Amy B, Emma Jackson; 3) Emma Jackson’s Creevagh For Sure, Emma Jackson; 4) Leslie James Goudie’s Carrickadawson Star, Simon Scott; 5) Shane McGlone’s SMG Cruiser, Shane McGlone; 6) Sarah Burns’s Foxy Finn, Sarah Burns.

1.10M: Nicola Hall and ‘Ladykiller’, winners of the 1.10m class at The Meadows. (FW35-569NN)

1.35m Ulster Region Grand Prix: 1) Ian Millar’s Ploverfield Lilyana, Simon Scott; 2) Roy Craig’s Beltrim Brother Ava, Jonathan Smyth; 3) Hannah Patterson’s Daberlina M, Hannah Patterson; 4) Trevor Clingan’s Ardtana Flash Forward, Charlene Clingan; 5) Rachel Brown’s Dstud Peter, Rachel Brown; 6) Ronald Ross’s Gilbo VD Gulden Z, Ronald Ross.


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