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Busy weekend at Portmore

IT was a busy weekend at Portmore Equestrian Centre, Aghalee as they held another leg of the popular Bluegrass Summer League on Saturday, followed by Balmoral Show Qualifiers on Sunday.

There was a great turnout on both days and a high standard of jumping meant some competitive classes!


Saturday, June 26

Bluegrass Summer League

Cross-poles: Vera Campbell, Merry Legs; Maisie Rodgers, Commander; Dominic Mullen, Sally; Tiernan McLaughlin, Milly; Lucy Conroy, Only My Eoin; Katie McGrandles, Bobby; Aofie Kavanagh, Oliver Twist; Sophia Montgomery, Limited Edition Freddo; Sofia Suarez, Chloe; Arthur Mullen, Sally.

50cm: Ross Will, Rocco; Masie Rodgers, Commander; Molly Clarke, Midnight Bluebelle; Ross Will, Ben; Sofia Suarez, Chloe.

60cm: Rachel Ferres, Benny; Molly Clarke, Midnight Bluebelle; Brianna McGuigan, Clover.

70cm: Sophie Boyce, Paddy McGuiness; Rebecca Snodgrass, Mullintine Forest Flight; Rachel Ferres, Benny; Charlotte Greer, Timo; Holly Knox, Lenny; Serena Brown, Boom; Serena Brown, Joey.

80cm: Laura Fekkes, Finn; Sophie Boyce, Ariel; Rylee Boyd, Jill; Holly Wray, Harry; Rebecca , Paddy; Janene Gamble, Izzey; Nikita Cole, Go to Hawk Eye; Ellen Abbott, On a Mission; Jenny Beattie, Adriana; Lucas Bradley, Gortlemon Isabelle; Andrew McKinney, Katie.

90cm: Alex Best, Cali; Katy Connor, Rosie; Sophie Boyce, Ariel; Brona Bursby, Freddie; Andrew McKinney, Zara; Rhian-non Ferguson, Evie; Eva Curran, Saphire; Shauna-lee, Fred; Kerry McTaggart, Fancy Pants; Nikki Cullen, Gemstone Ruby.

1m: Andrew McKinney, Zara; Bethany Smith, Dun Surprise; Ruth O’Brien, Diarado; Debbie Quinn, Coco; Karen Ferris, Our Father; Elle West, Magherard Celtic; Kerry McTaggart, Cassis RG; Nikki Cullen, Danke Coever Lass.

1.10m: Bethany Smith, Dun Surprise; Laura Reid, LMK Nattaya; Lucy Hanna, Lemon.

1.20m: Laura Reid, Candy Cane.

1.30m: Laura Reid, Candy Cane.

Sunday, June 27

Balmoral Show Qualifiers

Horses – Amateur Champion-ship Qualifier: 1) Joanne Morton’s Iceman van Wittenberg, Kathryn Morton; 2) Lisa Patterson’s Little Miss Shutterfly, Lisa Patterson; 3) Ian Moore’s Triple C (IHR), Ian Moore; 4) Niccola Hall’s Ladykiller, Niccola Hall; 5) Jo-anne Morton’s Blueoak Yogi, Kathryn Morton; 6) Sarah Burns’s Georgies Star, Sarah Burns.

Five-year-old Championship Qualifier: 1) Alistair McIvor’s Mr Basil, Jonathan Smyth; 2) Erin Sweeney’s Ebony Empress (USJI), Jodie Creighton; 3) Rachel Whann’s Daquin De Muze, Jodie Creighton; 4) Maureen Moore’s Cassclo Beach, Lucy Morton; 5) Jacqueline Browne’s Keelnacally Cobra Clover, Jonathan Smyth; 6) Noletta Smyth’s Mulvin Springball, Jonathan Smyth.

Six-year-old Championship Qu-

alifier: 1) Stephen Gibson’s SGS

Pride of the Hill, Stephen Gibson; 2) David Prentice’s My Clementine, Angela Waras; 3) Quality Sport Horses’s Kruser DHH, Dylan Ward; 4) Gareth Godfrey’s Kingsday, Liam McGar-ry; 5) Kevin Byrne’s Drumiller Daytona, Edward Little; 6) Keo-nan Stables Ltd’s Fury (HSI), Nicole Kershaw.

Seven-year-old Championship Qualifier: 1) Keonan Stables Ltd’s Clovalent, Nicole Kershaw; 2) The Ballydun Group c/o Edward Little’s Carnlea Premier Balou, Edward Little; 3) Richard McEvoy’s Lisboy Louie, Niamh McEvoy; 4) Catherine Thornton David Campbell’s Coachella, Catherine Thornton; 5) Clare Abbott’s Mr Mighty, Clare Abbott; 6) Donald Loughran’s Cornet, Emily Turkington.

1.35m Championship Qualifier: 1) Lisa Rosbotham’s Miss Valent, Nicole Kershaw; 2) Miguel Bravo’s MHS New York, Emma McEntee; 3) Samantha Dale’s Roundthorn Hercules, Olivia A Roulston; 4) Richard McEvoy’s Haifa OL, Niamh McEvoy; 5) Joy Robinson’s Chardonnay, Shannon Robinson; 6) Gillian Lee’s Luidams Diamond, Emily Turkington.

1.30m Young rider Champ-ionship Qualifier: 1) Lisa Ros-botham’s Miss Valent, Nicole Kershaw; 2) Ella Boyle’s Killadeas, Hugo McAlpine; 3) Hugh Ward’s Diamant De La Mer, Dylan

Ward; 4) Lisa Rosbotham’s Novellent, Nicole Kershaw; 5) Francis Don-nelly’s Beechmore Lady Lux, Eve Donnelly; 6) Allison Mercer’s CV Santander, Ellie Humphries.

Bree Rutledge

If you would like to find out more about Horse Week, Bree Rutledge can be contacted by email: or or by telephone: +44 (0) 28 9033 4493.




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