CAFRE and Mustad offer Thoroughbred shoeing seminar with Mr William Mulqueen (DipWCF)

CAFRE shoeing seminar BR Farm
SEMINAR: Right, CAFRE will hold a Farriery Seminar on current materials for shoeing Thoroughbreds on December 7. (FW47-555NN)

CAFRE, in collaboration with Mustad, has organised a one day seminar on the current materials used when shoeing racehorses. The event will be delivered by Mr William Mulqueen (DipWCF), head farrier at Mulqueen Farriery and Consultancy Limited, who has extensive experience in the field of farriery, including working at the 2012 Olympics and working for Godolphin Racing Stables. It will be held at CAFRE Enniskillen Campus on Saturday, December 7 from 10.30am until 4.30pm.

The course is aimed at farriers and Thoroughbred racehorse trainers, enabling them to see the current materials on the market and the benefits of using them. The day will take the form of a presentation/ discussion in the morning, followed by practical application and impact of various shoeing techniques.

To register for the event, please log onto: short-courses/ shoeing-techniques- for-thoroughbreds- seminar/

When: Saturday, December 7 from 10.30am until 4.30pm.

Location: CAFRE Enniskillen Campus.

Cost: £10 including lunch.


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