CAFRE delivers a short course in training for supervisors

Cafre training TD Farm
WELL DONE: Roberta Bell and Katherine Willis from Skea Eggs and Leona Hawkes, CAFRE who presented the certificates.

MOST who take on a new supervisory or management position discover they have “staff training” responsibilities.

Often they have no formal qualification in training and little or no formal training in how to train staff.

CONGRATULATIONS: Rosemary Johnston and Paula Rodgers from Kilkeel Seafoods and Leona Hawkes, CAFRE who presented the certificates.

Supervisors and managers are recognised as having the skills of knowing how to do a job, the quality of product to be produced, time constraints, health and safety, etc, but few people, new to staff supervision and management, have received training in how to pass skills and knowledge to their staff and be able to measure the success of the process.

The need to “train the trainer” has long been recognised as a weakness in many businesses leading to production problems and decreased productivity.

A new course was recently delivered at Loughry campus, CAFRE, Cookstown, by CAFRE staff to help companies and individuals become competent trainers. The course was launched in April 2018 and is entitled ‘Delivering Training’.

The three-day course was delivered by CAFRE staff at the Loughry campus in May 2018. The first course was attended by 11 candidates, all of whom, after assessment, were awarded the Highfield Level 3 Award in Delivering Training (the qualification is on the Recognised Qualification Framework, RQF).

The course teaches candidates how to write learning objectives for a task or function, identify the most effective methods to facilitate learning, how best to deliver training to a group and how to measure the success of a training programme.

Among the candidates were staff from two local food processing companies, Skea Eggs and Kilkeel Seafoods. Those who attended the course found it useful, hard work but fun.

All candidates found the process of being able to determine how effective their ‘training’ had been in terms of candidate performance to be extremely useful.

o Further information on the course can be obtained from the course tutor Leona Hawkes at


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