CAFRE offers courses on safe use of sheep dip

By Steven Wallace,

CAFRE, Short Course Manager

THINKING about dipping your sheep this autumn? If so you will need a Certificate of Competence in the Safe Use of Sheep Dips.

The Safe Use of Sheep Dip certificate is required by farmers who intend to purchase sheep dip. The legislation requires that at least one member of those involved in the dipping operation hold a certificate.

The sheep dipping course at CAFRE enables farmers to achieve the Safe Use of Sheep Dip certificate. The next course will be delivered at Greenmount Campus on Monday, November 26.

The one day course involves a discussion session and explanation of the regulations and a short online test to ensure each applicant is fully aware of the regulations.

This is followed up by a short test involving the personal protective equipment (PPE) that must be worn during the dipping operation.

The course concentrates on keeping yourself, others and the environment safe from the chemicals used. It also covers the following topics:

n Knowledge of the parasites to be controlled;

n Looking after your sheep at dipping;

n The dip products that can be used;

n What makes a good sheep dipper design?

If you would like to attend the Safe Use of Sheep Dips course being organised by CAFRE, you can book a place on the course at the following link:


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