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Campbell on form at Portmore SJI show

PORTMORE Equestrian Centre held another of their popular registered horse shows on Sunday, October 10. There was a good turnout, with some great jumping on display!

Joanne Gibson rode her own ‘Villanelle’ into first place in the 1.10m class, while Michael Cave steered Sheikh Samir Mirdad’s ‘Mirdads LPM’ into the top spot in the 1.20m class.

Luke Campbell was certainly on form, taking a one-two in the 1.30m class, with Yvonne Boyce’s ‘Viarada Dree Boeken’ and David Campbell’s ‘Derryinver Truffle’ respectively.


Sunday, October 10

SJI Horse Show

80cm: =1) Laura Gordon’s Brayhill Wonder, Laura Gordon; Noel McKee’s Keeford Loveheart, Noel McKee; Brian Hutchinson’s SVS Zeedam, Cathryn Hutchinson.

90cm: =1) Kathryn O’Hagan’s Chs Jetblue, Kathryn O’Hagan; Victoria Surgeoner’s Hillsborough (KWPN), Victoria Surgeoner; Una McSorley’s Kilmainham Roan, Una McSorley; Louise Thompson’s Pacini, Louise Thompson; Kathryn Smiley’s Roundthorn Morpheus, Jodie Creighton.

1m: =1) Lorraine Leavesley’s Baile An Doire Emerald, Catherine Thornton; Robert Jenkinson’s Hanslough Lad, Emma Jackson; Joy Robinson’s JKS Vienna, Shannon Robinson; Una McSorley’s Kilmainham Roan, Una McSorley; Norman Watt and Olivia Roulston’s Lammy Ellisma, Olivia A Roulston; Laura Fekkes’s Master Zero, Laura Fekkes; David Conlon’s Muckno Mac, Amy McCarroll; Gortacar Stables’s NewMarket Ruby, Mariclaire Bell; Robyn Hartley’s RH Live For Now, Robyn Hartley; Darren Irwin’s Tangelo de Muze, Darren Irwin; Gillian Creighton’s The Consquistador, Jodie Creighton.

1.10m: 1) Joanne Gibson’s Villanelle, Joanne Gibson; 2) Helen Pearson-Murray’s I Aint No Lady, Helen Pearson-Murray; 3) Michael Roche’s Rocky Blue, Michael Roche; 4) Pamela Fox’s Bonnie McKay, Vikki Fox; 5) Erin Sweeney’s Ebony Empress (USJI), Jodie Creighton; 6) Dean Bell’s Garryduff Diamond Mine, Ben Maybin.

1.20m: 1) Sheikh Samir Mirdad’s Mirdads LPM, Michael Cave; 2) Michael Roche’s Rocky Blue, Michael Roche; 3) Hogg Sport Horses’s Abide With Me, James Hogg; 4) Caroline Gibson’s Clintendro, Annie Gibson; 5) Stephen Gibson’s SGS Pride of the Hill, Stephen Gibson; 6) Lisa Rosbotham’s Novellent, Nicole Kershaw.

1.30m: 1) Yvonne Boyce’s Viarada Dree Boeken, Luke Campbell; 2) David Campbell’s Derryinver Truffle, Luke Campbell; 3) Emma Jackson’s Democrat (HSI), Emma Jackson; 4) Jane Russell’s Dstud Peter, Robert Russell; 5) Colin Thompson’s Armani Velvet, Victoria Thompson; 6) Keonan Stables Ltd’s Clovalent, Nicole Kershaw.

Bree Rutledge

If you would like to find out more about Horse Week, Bree Rutledge can be contacted by email: or or by telephone: +44 (0) 28 9033 4493.




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