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Campbell tops 1.30m class as Autumn Series continues at the Meadows

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THE Meadows Equestrian Centre, Lurgan enjoyed a busy day on Saturday, as their SJI Autumn Series continued. Arena 2 was also busy with the Unregistered Show Jumping Winter League.

The SJI Autumn Series and Unregistered Show Jumping Winter League will continue this Saturday, November 21. Entries for both events will close at 6pm on Friday, November 20.


Saturday, November 14

90cm: =1) Joseph Murphy’s Ballygreenan Break Point, Joseph Murphy; David Weir’s Ballyheerin Clover Star, Amy Weir; Louise McEnteggart’s Free Dance D’Hyrencourt, Louise McEnteggart; Maeve Lunny’s Kippure Steepleview Jack, Maeve Lunny.

1m: =1) Joseph Murphy’s Ballygreenan Break Point, Joseph Murphy; Conor McEneaney’s Billy Brexit, Conor McEneaney; Victoria Boville’s BMC Clover Cruise, Andrew Boville; Marian Kyle’s Brookfield Mystery, Marian Kyle; Stephen Honeyman’s Castlefarm Cavalier, Jessica Honeyman; Cherith Lee’s Chilled Bud, Victoria Lee; Sara Coyle’s Cortango, Hugo McAlpine; Helen Pannell’s Crafty Guy, Helen Pannell; Felicity Pierce’s Drumnaconnell Master, Felicity Pierce; Rachael Thompson’s Jemeela Charm, Hannah Thompson; Celtic Park Horses’s Jimmy Jumper, James Flaherty; Rachel Brown’s Lavaro, Rachel Brown; Stephen Grieve’s MB Lorenzo R, Shane McCloskey; Ash-Lee Brown’s Omard Sunrise Beach, Ash-Lee Brown; Gareth Nethercote’s RNH Rocky, Gareth Nethercote; Rachael Thompson’s Sam Mar Riverland Imp, Hannah Thompson; Cherith Lee’s Top Aviator, Victoria Lee; Margaret Ward’s Tullyoran Candy Ride, Ellen Ward; Alexandra Bailey’s Vancouvers Choice, Alexandra Bailey.

1.10m: 1) Amanda Hylands’s River Promise, Gary Hylands; 2) Emma Jackson’s Amy B, Emma Jackson; 3) Craig Carson’s Touche Alley Cat, Craig Carson; 4) Robert McKee’s Dark Art, Robert McKee; 5) Kadri Lumila’s Cruising Casey, Kadri Lumila; 6) Andria Cleland’s Rafa Smash, Alexandria Cleland.

1.20m: 1) Jayne Clarke’s Velvet Flare, Charlotte Harding; 2) Conor McEneaney’s Shanroe Junior, Conor McEneaney; 3) Pat McCaughey’s Taplagh Lady, Ryan O’Neill; 4) Joseph Murphy’s Choclat, Joseph Murphy; 5) Joseph Murphy’s Cesar V, Joseph Murphy; 6) Nichola E Howarth’s Kings Choice, Barry McCormack.

1.30m: 1) Morris G Smyth and Elaine Smyth’s Elamo Hes A Real One, Luke Campbell; 2) Joseph Murphy’s Choclat, Joseph Murphy; 3) Morris G Smyth and Elaine Smyth’s Elamo Cobras Diamond Girl, Luke Campbell; 4) Joseph Murphy’s Cesar V, Joseph Murphy; 5) Lorna Moore’s GSS Mircino, Sarah Moore; 6) Joseph Murphy’s Calmaro, Joseph Murphy.

Unregistered Show Jumping Winter League

50cm – Double Clears: Henry McCarthy, Casper; Ellie Murphy, Toffee; Anna Poots, Tinkerbelle; Paige Erwin, Bobo; Millie Mulvenna, Lady.

60cm – Double Clears: Iona McKay, Ruby; Lily Murphy, Toffee; Holly Rice, My Isabella; Chloe Currie, Blagdon Boy; Gaby Kirk, Niamh; Lily Murphy, Rex; Cayleigh Erwin, Henry; Isaac McCarthy, Joey.

70cm – Double Clears: Alana Eadie, Knocklishen Willow; Molly Goodwin, Toons Bridge Rascal; James Flaherty, Twig Down; Charlotte Harding, Ollie; Victoria Thompson, The Derrylough Bay Bandit; Katie Hutchinson, Sonny Side Up; Rebecca McAdam, Bannview Spartacus; Melanie Talbot, Calypso; Serena Brown, Joey; Holly Rice, My Isabella; Charlotte Harding, Jack; Jonathan West, Sovereign.

80cm – Double Clears: Niamh McArdle, Tequila; Emma Jackson, Buddy; James Flaherty, Alibi; Grace Hamill, Clover; Shaunalee McCann, Fred; Oliver Kinnear, Harvey; Ellen McDonald, Greenfield Apache; Jonathan Smyth, Frank; David Gibson, Charlie; Amy Burke, Robyn; Kirsten Bailie, Blue; James Flaherty, GG; Jackie Loughran, Flinstone Fred; Lindsey McMullan, Lady; Robyn Rice, Ballyskeagh Lady; Serena Brown, Joey; Jessica Finlay, George; Beckie McBride, Star; Rachel Simons, Eoghan; Carmel Cinroy, Miss Pinot; Erin McClearon, Sundance III; Charlotte Harding, Kenny; Sophie Tyner, Tex; Jon Champion, Orbie; Megan McCambridge, Nigel; Erin Barlow, Extra Innings M2S; James Flaherty, Daddy; Jonathan Smyth, Premier Balou Boy; Heather Champion, Basil; Emma McGrath.

90cm – Double Clears: Johan Fitzpatrick Burns, Chocolate II; Lauren Madine, Moonshine Melody; Rebecca Sim, Millie; Sian Devon, Kensington Einstein; Erin McClearon, Sundance III; Charlotte Harding, Red Cloud; Emily Boyd, Lakeview Magic; Annie Gibson, Arka; Dylan Torrens, Gerrit VDL; Lynn Spence, Will; Richard Smyth, Lui Bon; Jonathan Smyth, Paddy; Rachael Foster, Victor; Rhonda Hall, Nigel; Rory Kinnear, Lady; Johnny Mulligan, Cascum Val; Grace Hamill, Clover; Becca Rose, Ben; James Johnston, Rocky Diamond; Jonathan Smyth, Bosco; Jackson Laing, Dave; Kathryn Morton, Night Fury.

1m – Double Clears: Wendy Rowland, Drummilar Panache; Chloe Crozier, Simba; Jonathan Smyth, Spring Ball; Lauren Madine, Moonshine Melody; Ben Foster, Ace; Tracey Gallagher, Ayesha; Rebekah McKinstry, Cornhill Rose; Lauren Brooker, Indian Sky; Rebecca Smyth, Rooney; Jonathan Smyth, Rio; Robyn McFadden, Zepyhr; Millie Mulvenna, Sparky; Katie Haire.

1.10m – Double Clears: Dylan Ward, Zara; Jonny Mulligan, Duncan; Donnacha Anhold, Rushfield Apollo Landing.

1.20m – Double Clear: Jonny Mulligan, Duncan.

Bree Rutledgehttp://www.farmweek.com

If you would like to find out more about Horse Week, Bree Rutledge can be contacted by email: b.rutledge@farmweek.com or horseweek@farmweek.com or by telephone: +44 (0) 28 9033 4493.

Email: b.rutledge@farmweek.com



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