Can you design a tractor?

50 Dec 3, 1968 Tractor SM Farm

Many Northern Ireland farmers will soon be getting down to the intriguing problem of designing the tractor which they consider most suitable for the year 1975.

And the award for what is adjudged the best effort? – a new car which will be presented to the successful entrant during next year’s Royal Ulster Show at Balmoral.

At a reception in Dunmurry last week for members of the Ulster Farmers’ Union the Ford Motor Company Limited Tractor Operators announced its Tractor ‘75’ competition which is expected to create great interest among farmers throughout the country.

The UFU is collaborating with Ford in running the competition which represents a get-to-the-farmer directly policy by the firm.

Details have not been finalised but it is expected that the UFU will be asked to nominate a panel of judges on the final team assessors.

Commented Mr D Westgate, Ford’s public relations officer: “We will be most interested in every idea submitted by the Ulster farmer and we expect the competition to be as enthusiastically received here as the similar separate plans in Scotland and England.”

On behalf of the Ulster Farmers’ Union, president Jimmy Jordan said he was glad to welcome and encourage the idea.

Newly appointed Northern Region sales manager – his area includes Northern Ireland – Mr A H McGillivray said he was confident that the direct approach to farmers had become “vitally important”.

“I believe in such a highly mechanised area as Northern Ireland the views of the individual farmers are of special interest,” Mr McGillivray declared.

“The Tractor 75 competition will undoubtedly throw up much useful information on what the farmer – a decade hence – really wants.”


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