Cappagh young farmers hosting Picture Hunt

Cappagh hunt TD Farm
SUPPORT: Club members at the Parents and Supporters Evening.

CAPPAGH Young Farmers are bringing a brilliant summer to a close with their a Picture Hunt at Dunmullan Hall this Sunday, August 19.

Cost is £20 with numbers limited to four persons per team. Registration is at 2.30pm with the event due to begin at 3pm, followed by a BBQ. Everyone welcome. Don’t forget to bring your camera or phone.

BEST FLEET: Cappagh was awarded ‘Best Fleet’ at the Seskinore Tractor Run.

The event follows a busy summer season for the club. Recently, it held its Parents and Supporters Evening, a night of thanks to all those who helped over the past year, whether it was for organising, helping with practices, making food, taking the photos and much more. A large number of awards and prizes were given to the club’s wonderful members commemorating their excellent achievements throughout the year.

Stock judging practice and events occurred before the summer months began, with members doing well in multiple age groups.

The ‘Cowboy Builders’ made their first and only appearance at the Rosebowl and Cappagh came home victorious for the 3rd year in a row.

Seskinore’s Annual Tractor Run soon flew round with a fantastic show of Cappagh members turning up and being awarded ‘Best Fleet’. All members who participated in Balmoral show did the club proud in the Floral Arranging, Tractor Handling and of course Tug of War with the CCV (Cappagh and Clogher Valley) girls coming in second.

June was fun filled with a Stock Judging competition, which the members all excelled at, and the ‘John Bradley Challenge’ which was Hawaiian Hockey was also enjoyed.

The lovely Canadian exchangee Amanda Brodhagen was hosted from June 3-10 with members showing her the sights of Tyrone and Fermanagh and what a Dairy Milk McFlurry was like (apparently, they aren’t in Canada – poor Amanda!)

The Build it Competition was held just before the summer started with a team of members taking part, unfortunately they did not get through but a fantastic night that was accident-free was still had.


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