Capturing on camera ‘Agriculture through Covid’

n Brian Donaldson asks, is this a new form of livestock isolation unit? Perhaps the cow is saying, “Don’t come in, I’m self isolating!”

THE winners of the Guild of Agricultural Journalists (Northern Section) Photography Competition, with the theme for the competition being ‘Agriculture through Covid’, were announced before Christmas.

n Doris Leeman caught these cattle relaxing and ‘social distancing’ on the beach near White Park Bay in County Antrim. :

The winners were First – Rachel Martin; Second – Rebecca McConnell; Third – Sara McCracken, with their pictures featured in FarmWeek in a previous edition.

n “Talking on a bee line” Fred Faulkner captured beekeeper Charlene Abraham preparing to coax a swarm into the hive. :

However, there were a number of other excellent pictures submitted for the competition, some of which are included here.

n Suburban cows, Nicola McClean took this picture while walking around the outskirts of East Belfast on her daily walk. :


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