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Cara has a fabulous final at Ecclesville league

THE final of the first of Ecclesville’s Show jumping Leagues for 2021 was held on Friday, October 8 and it was again very competitive. With the Super League just running for two Leagues in 2021, the top six in each class also won valuable points. On December 17, in each class, from 60cm through to 1m, a perpetual trophy will be awarded to rider and horse combination with the most points.

The spectators were treated to the obligatory thrills and spills, plus great displays of show jumping as the competitors had to be both careful and speedy to negotiate Seamus McCaffrey’s challenging courses!

The 60cm class saw Cara Garrity begin her domination of the classes, as she won this one on ‘Grace’, with Molly Keys and ‘Hillbilly Boy’ hot on her heels! The winner of the 70cm class was Sarah Fleming on her lovely pony, ‘Sahara’.

The 80cm and 90cm classes were again dominated by local girl, Cara Garrity riding both ‘Tinkerbelle’ and ‘Goldilocks’.

The organisers would like to take this opportunity thank all the competitors who supported this league. Also sincere thanks to Seamus McCaffrey, Course Builder and to Jennifer Leonard and Sandra Devlin, who assisted in the judges’ box.

The final league for 2021 is scheduled to start on Friday, November 12. For further details, please contact Ecclesville on 028 8284 0591.


Friday, October 8

Show jumping League final

40cm Class – Double Clears: Sienna Magee, Cooper; Lily Sayers, Annie; Jessica McCarroll, Chester; Myra McCarroll, Cooper; Kelly-Rose Daly, Henry; Rebecca Caldwell, Ria; Jessica Wilson, Billy; Anna Colton, Chester; Leah Donnelly, Sally; Elsa Lee, Bubbles; Annie Burleigh, Beauty; Poppy Coaltar, Beauty; Poppy Coulter, Rosie; Charlotte Porter, Simba; Ella-Jane Johnston, Archie; Isabelle Wallace, Eddie.

50cm Class – Double Clears: Anna-Rose Garrity, Annie; Jack Smith, Ellie; Emily Garrity, Henry; Kayla Donnelly, Rosie; Lily McKelvey, Rosie; Molly Lee, Teddy; Poppy Coulter, Rosie; Lily McCrea, Annie; Olivia McCrea, Annie; Lily McCrea, Tonto; Cara Garrity, Grace; Molly Keys, Hillbilly Boy.

60cm – Double Clears: Lily McCrea, Tonto; Ruby Moore, Izzy; Cara Garrity, Grace; Molly Keys, Hillbilly Boy; Jessica McGonigle, Thistledown Royal Academy; Rebecca McLaughlin, Monzo.

70cm – Double Clears: Sophie Johnston, Speedy; Olivia McCrea, Tonto; Sarah Fleming, Sahara; Jessica Jennings, Ardfry Leonardo.

80cm – Double Clears: Jessica Jennings, Ardfry Leonardo; Shauna Murray, Ritz; Amanda Magee, Spencer; Cara Garrity, Tinkerbelle.

90cm – Double Clear: Cara Garrity, Tinkerbelle.


60cm: 1) Cara Garrity, Grace; 2) Molly Keys, Hillbilly Boy; 3) Ruby Moore, Izzy; 4) Jessica McGonigle, Thistledown Royal Academy; 5) Olivia McCrea, Tonto; 6) Sarah Fleming, Sahara.

70cm: 1) Sarah Fleming, Sahara; 2) Sophie Johnston, Speedy; 3) Tess Wallace, Elvis; 4) Ruby Moore, Izzy; 5) Jessica McGonigle, Thistledown Royal Academy; 6) Lee McFarland, Joey.

80cm: 1) Cara Garrity, Tinkerbelle; 2) Amanda Magee, Spencer.

90cm: 1) Cara Garrity, Tinkerbelle; 2) Cara Garrity, Goldilocks; 3) Lisa McFarland, Venus.

Bree Rutledge

If you would like to find out more about Horse Week, Bree Rutledge can be contacted by email: or or by telephone: +44 (0) 28 9033 4493.




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