Carol tees off on a farming career

50 Dec 10, 1968 Carol SM Farm

From golfing to agriculture – that’s the swift change which 19 year old Carol Wallace made when she joined Loughry College in September to undertake the one year certificate course.

During the summer Carol’s name was very much in the sporting headlines when she won the Ulster, Irish and British Girls’ Golf championships – all inside one month!

Carol hails from a golfing family. Her father was the professional at Dungannon Golf Club and her brother, Don, is a ‘pro’ in Canada. Now she lives with her mother at Dungannon Golf Club so she doesn’t have far to walk for a practice round.

She plays off a handicap of six and took up golf seriously only four years ago. On the two previous occasions when she entered the Irish Championship she was knocked out in the first round. She modestly attributes her record success in the summer to “pot luck”.

Born in Limerick, Carol has absolutely no farming background but she loves animals and the outdoor life so she decided to make it her career.

She agrees that the lack of farming background has been a slight disadvantage. However, Carol feels sure that she will have no difficulty in getting a job when her training is completed.

“At the moment I haven’t decided which branch of agriculture I want to specialise in,” she said.

Where will the golf come in? “Well I hope to continue playing in competitions and keep up my training during the winter but at the moment I must concentrate on passing my exams!”


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