Celebrating Vanne’s 40 years in style

Vanne's show BR Farm
DENGIE LEAGUE: Ellen Ward (Iveagh) on ‘Phoenix Delight’ won the 90cm Dengie League Qualifier during the Ruby Anniversary Show at Moyallan. (FW33-508NN)

PONIES, horses, competitors, past members and friends arrived in droves at Moyallan grounds to celebrate Vanne Campbell MBE’s 40 years as District Commissioner at a show on Saturday, August 4. To celebrate her Ruby Anniversary, Vanne sported Iveagh colours (black and white) and a ruby jacket. Iveagh bunting and flowers helped decorate the magnificent grounds.

Three arenas were in operation. The annual Kehoe Kars Derby took place in the grass arena, commencing with the 70cm class – which was hotly contested and resulted in eight clears. The jump-off was won in great style by Zara Zahor-Ala riding ‘Little Joe’, a pony many Iveagh members remember being ridden by Jonny Mulligan. In second place was Zara Smyth, just ahead of Taylor McKnight. The 85cm class proved more taxing with only one clear round, Emma-Jane Orr on ‘Jazzy Suzie’ was the clear winner. The four-faulters jumped off and David Kehoe managed the fastest time here, closely followed by Sophie Hanna.

MINI-MAJOR: Rachel “Buddy” Brown and Lucy Morton won the very entertaining Mini-Major Relay during the Ruby Anniversary Show at Moyallan. (FW33-507NN) PICTURES

The Stephen Smith-designed Derby course continued to test the riders in the 1m class and experience showed as Terry Smith, the veteran vet, led the way with four faults. A timed round separated the eight-faulters and Katie McCombe ended up in second place, with Ella Herron in third. Many thanks to the judges, Robin and Maureen Wallace.

The Walled Garden Arena provided fun for the less experienced members and over 100 children jumped round courses from cross-poles to 70cm, some led but many managing with only a little verbal assistance. Senior members had kindly arrived to help here under the supervision of Janet McDowell and Helen Patterson.

The third arena started promptly at 9am with the Jumps Ahead Qualifier won by Sophie Hanna on ‘Oreo Patches’, obviously on a winning streak as she was placed in the Derby too. Another in winning form was Emma Jane Orr, who finished second in this class. The three Dengie Qualifiers followed: the Junior Dengie won by Amber Bradley; the Debut Dengie won by Patrick Williams, who had driven from Co. Fermanagh; and the Winter League’s winner was Ellen Ward.

The judges, Judith McClelland and Pauline Turner, assisted by Margaret Clarke, kept the arena running to time. The next class was the 1.10m, which concluded in a father/ daughter jump off. No mercy was shown and Ronnie Morton won this class. Then it was time for the course-builder Mickey McCann to alter the course for the Mini-Major class.

The arena was packed with supporters. The Majors consisted of many professional riders, who had kindly given up their busy day to support Vanne, and several others, who had come out of retirement to be there. The Minis consisted of Pony Club children from around Northern Ireland. The Mini-Major pairs did a course walk together, with the Minis taking advice on their speed rounds from the experts and then the competition began!

A marvellous spectacle, the cheering from the crowds created an electric atmosphere and the competition was fierce. The eventual winner was (Major) Rachel Brown (known to all in PC as Rachel “Buddy” Brown), teamed with Lucy Morton (Mini), who had just returned from winning a silver medal in the European Championships. In second place was well known coach (Major) Becky Cullen riding the famous coloured stallion ‘Glenhill Gold’, accompanied by James Murphy (Mini).

Former World Champion Dermott Lennon, Angela Percy, Declan McParland, Jonny Mulligan, William Green, Nicky Corr, Grainne Bennett – all former members – were amongst the professionals taking part, joined by Ronnie Morton, Ronnie Ross, Toni Donnelly and Roz Murphy and, coming out of retirement from show jumping were Niall McAlinden, Vina Buller, Jim McCann, Gary Hylands, Sarah Hall and Hylda Mills. Lisa Priestly honoured Vanne by riding ‘Dolly’, the horse she had ridden in the winning team at Hickstead in 2003.

The Pony Club Chairman Christopher Bromfield, accompanied by Area Representative Liz Lowry, kindly presented the prizes with Vanne Campbell, photos of all the pairs were taken by Prime Photography, then the arena was cleared to make a special presentation to Vanne by Sarah Clarke on behalf of the Iveagh Pony Club. Music and a delicious Roast Pig and BBQ followed.

A huge thank you to Aine Lavery for all her organisation, to the sponsors TRI, The Equestrian Store, Kehoe Kars, Baileys Horse Feeds, Tullyraine Equine and to the Richardson family for providing a parking field and course-building team. And an even bigger thank you to all the former members and friends who came to join in the fun day!


Vanne’s Ruby Show

Kehoe Kars Derby

70cm class: 1) Zara Zahor-Ala, Little Joe; 2) Zara Smyth, Tootsie; 3) Taylor McKnight, Bambi; 4) Sam McElroy, Tootie Fruitie; 5) Lara Jameson, Curious George; 6) Lily Murphy, Busby.

85cm class: 1) Emma-Jane Orr, Jazzy Suzie; 2) David Kehoe, Park Crystal; 3) Sophie Hanna, Oreo Patches; 4) Alex Phillips, Flash; 5) Katie Haire, Galway Girl; 6) Bethany Smith, Golden Grove Royal Wedding.

1m class: 1) Terry Smith, Frankie; 2) Katie McCombe, Afandou; 3) Ella Herron, Dam Boy; 4) Ella McAllister, Monochrome Girl; 5) Felicity Ferris, Tucanu; 6) Grace Kehoe, Fifty Shades of Gray.

Arena 2

Cross Poles – Clear Rounds: Zara Calvert, Noah Phillips, Ana Phillips, Lucas Bradley, Erin Ham, Jack Tumilty, Henry McCarthy, Scott McKnight, Sophie McBride, Zoe Daniel, Lucy Orr, Lila Forsythe, Isaac McCarthy.

30/40cm – Clear Rounds: Charlotte Nelson, Zara Calvert, Ella Calvert, Erin Han, Ted Geary, Sophia Madley, Lucy Orr, Fergus Lowry, James Cosgrave, Abi Gardener, Ava Philips, Maria Pearson, Harry McMillan, Juliana Nelson, Henry McMahon, Lily Murphy, Sophie Thompson.

50/60cm: Charlotte Nelson, Beth Phillips, Ted Geary, Kirsty Fisher, Amber Thompson, Sophia Madley, Annabelle Betts, Lucy Orr, Zara Calvert, Zoe Daniel, Sarah McKenzie, Jenna Morton, Sadie McMahon, Henry McMahon, Kitty Cullen x 2, Cara Cosgrave.

70cm: Amber Thompson, Zoe Daniel, Harry McMillan, Kitty Cullen, Robbie Coleman, Kirsty Fisher, Rachel Sands, Beth Phillips, Amy Coleman, Clara McNeill.

Arena 3

Jumps Ahead Qualifier (25 competitors): 1) Sophie Hanna (Iveagh), Oreo Patches; 2) Emma Jane Orr (Iveagh), Jazzy Susie; 3) Megan Nelson (EDown). Murphy; 4) Heather Fulton (Route), Molton Crown; 5) Hannah Thompson (M Antrim), Ballylurgan Imperial Fly; 6) Rory Osborne (Iveagh), Double Dazzle.

1.10m class: 1) Ronnie Morton, Ice King; 2) Lucy Morton, Delton; 3) Meabh McIlduff, Dalsown Dun and Dusted; 4) Kiara Malcolmson, Seapatrick Cordento.

90cm Dengie League Qualifier: 1) Ellen Ward (Iveagh), Phoenix Delight; 2) Tara Berthlon (Iveagh), Cortown Lassie; 3) Meabh McIlduff (Iveagh), Dun and Dusted; 4) Mya McDowell (Iveagh), Imps Girl; 5) Rory Kinnear (EDown), Regardless; 6) Anna Jackson (East Antrim), Oldtown Sterling.

Dengie Debut Qualifier: 1) Patrick Williams (Seskinore), Coill Dearmud William; 2) Lucy Morton (Iveagh), Petal; 3) Taylor McKnight (Iveagh), Asterix; 4) Ellen Donnelly (Route), Reme; 5) Ellen McEvoy, Super Sue; 6) Lee Bloomfield (Iveagh), Belle.

Dengie 75cm Qualifier: 1) Amber Bradley (Iveagh), Flynn Rider; 2) Sorcha Owens (Tullylagan), Legavalloon Miss Pepper; 3) Rhiannon Ferguson (Kays Equestrian), Ard Cull Millie; 4) Sarah Jane Sloane, Millie.

Mini-Major class:

VETERAN VET: Local Vet Terry Smith won the 1m Derby on ‘Frankie’ during the Ruby Anniversary Show at Moyallan. (FW33-506NN)

1) Rachel “Buddy” Brown and Lucy Morton; 2) Becky Cullen and James Murphy; 3) Jonny Mulligan and Kym Moore; 4) Roz Murphy and Sam Jackson; 5) Sarah Hall and Amber Bradley; 6) Grainne Bennett and Abby McMillan.


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