Championship show in festive spirit

Championship show in festive spirit

A terrific entry was rec-

eived by secretary John

Wightman for the Bally-mena Championship Show in the Slemish Hall on Saturday.

Judges for the day were Hugh Thompson, Championship, Richard Bett, Lee Grant, Dean Kay, Graeme Hicks, Phil Marshall and John McLachan.

Ginny McKee provided a splendid floral display making the wee hall feel festive.

The Ballymena club was well supported by exhibitors from both north and south of the Province. It was also encouraging to see the young people exhibiting their birds and taking part in the young handlers.

The chairman and committee of Ballymena Show would like to thank all the exhibitors for their support. Also the judges for kindly agreeing to give up their time to judge the various sections and to James McNeill for sponsoring.

Lastly, to Ryan McLaren for taking time to capture pictures of the winners.

The Sussex club held a very successful regional show with 52 exhibits covering large and bantam, as well as good range of colours. The best of breed was a nicely marked Silver belonging to Terry Lindsay.


Champion Sussex: Terry Lindsay, bantam Silver female.

Reserve Champion Sussex: Desmond Horner, bantam Light pullet.

Best Opposite Size Sussex: Andrew Beirne, Large Light pullet.

Large Light Hen (2): 1, Eric Stewart; 2, Eric Stewart.

Light Cockerel (2): None present.

Light Pullet (4): 1, Andrew Bernie (BOS); 2, Andrew Bernie.

Speckled Female (2): 1, Dermot Gardiner; 2, David Caraher.

Bantam Light Cock (3): 1, Desmond Horner; 2, Dermot Gardiner.

Light Hen (3): 1, Dermot Gardiner; 2, Desmond Horner; 3, Dara Walker.

Light Cockerel (9): 1, Desmond Horner; 2, Desmond Horner; 3, Fullerton family.

Light Pullet (9): 1, Desmond Horner, Reserve Champion Sussex; 2, Desmond Horner; 3, Fullerton family.

Speckled Male/Female (2): 1, Dermot Gardiner; 2, Gareth Ingram.

Silver Male (5, class split on day due to size): 1, Norman Colhoun; 2, Mark Graham; 3, Norman Colhoun.

Silver Female (5, class split on day due to size): 1, Terry Lindsay, Champion Sussex; 2, Terry Lindsay; 3, Mark Graham.

Coronation Sussex Male/Female (6): 1, Terry Lindsay; 2, Terry Lindsay; 3, Terry Lindsay.

The Championship judge Hugh Thompson selected the birds to fill the top spots.

Show Champion: Adams & McLaren, Buff Orpington.

Reserve Show Champion: James Weatherup, Silver Sebright.

Champion SF Light Bantam: James Weatherup, WC Black Poland.

Champion SF Light Large: Adams & McLaren, Minorca.

Champion SF Heavy Bantam: Desmond Horner, White Wyandotte.

Champion SF Heavy Large: Adams & McLaren, Buff Orpington.

Champion True Bantam: James Weatherup, Silver Sebright.

Champion Bantam Hardfeather: Adams & McLaren, Wheaten.

Champion Large Hardfeather: Gary McKinstry, Duckwing.

Champion Heavy Duck: Adams & McLaren, Muscovy.

Champion Light Duck: Adams & McLaren, White Indian Runner.

Champion Bantam Duck: Adams & McLaren, Dusky Mallard.

Champion Utility: Adams & McLaren, Indian.

Champion Eggs: Adams & McLaren, three Brown Hen.

Champion Juvenile: Ellen Fullerton, Light Sussex.

Champion Trio: Adams & McLaren, OEG Pile.

Champion Rare Breed: Louis Adamson, Sumatra.

Champion Goose/Gander: Adams & McLaren.

Junior Handler: joint – Blake Welshman and Grace Caraher.


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