‘Charming’ SJI Horse Show at Connell Hill

Connell SJI BR Farm
1M: Ryan Hunter and ‘HSC Eye Candy’ on their way to a clear round in the 1m class at Connell Hill. (FW25-551NN)

LAST Thursday saw the second leg of the SJI Summer Horse League at Connell Hill and, although the weather, slightly cool, did not complement it, the atmosphere certainly did. Tremendous tracks were designed and set by the very knowledgeable Course Designer, Will Crean, requesting riders

to extend their know-ledge on precision stride with control.

RUNNER UP: Heather Graham and ‘Flutter Bye’ came second in the 1.10m class at Connell Hill. (FW25-550NN) PICTURES

Judge, Joan Cunning-ham, having given everyone a warm wel-come, congratulated Ma-

rtin Mellet from Agh-adowey, claiming the only double clear of the 80cm class on ‘Mr Hashtag’, owned by his wife, Francis. With this success tucked under his girth, Martin then went on to claim more points in the 90cm class, this time on Francis’s mare ‘Kilkern Lixie’.

Brian Smyth from Newtownards had a most electrifying 1.0m class, when he claimed double clear rounds on his mares ‘Lucy Ludo’, ‘Kitty G.B.’ and gelding ‘Iroko Quarry Diamond’. It was now time to set the clocks for the next classes, the first of which was the 1.10m class and what a charming challenge this was! Leading times continually changed, but

it was Nuala McNally from Carryduff, who near the end of the class, took the honours of first place on her gelding ‘Song of Charm’, with Heather Graham from Lisburn, nudged into second place on her mare ‘Flutter Bye’. The 1.20m class then saw Judge, Joan, display her foreign twang announcing the winner ‘Diktor Van Het Keizershof’ ridden by Deborah Palmer and owned by Sam Smyth from Desertmartin. Ba-

rry McCormack, third last to jump, took poll position in the 1.30m class on Colin Thompson’s gelding fr-om Cookstown, ‘Armani Velvet’.

Thanks to Course Designer Will Crean, Judge Joan Cunningham, photographer Lyndon McKee, starter Alison Smith, arena crew, staff, competitors, owners and grooms all making this a charming day and look forward to welcoming everyone back.

Contact Grace on 07765 884254 or Gillian on 07803 178009 for information.


Thursday, June 13

Class 1 – 80cm:
1) Frances Mellett’s Mr Hashtag, Martin Mellett.

Class 2 – 90cm:
=1) Pauline McKeown’s Ca-stlefield Mia, Pauline McKeown; Frances Mel-

lett’s Kilkern Lixie, Martin Mellett; Leigh Anne Rea’s Oldstone Mon Amie, Leigh Anne Rea; Helen Forgrave’s Ossie Man, Helen For-grave.

Class 3 – 1m:
=1) Louise Anderson’s Candys He-ro, Wendy Anderson; Andrew Farren’s Cop-

pers Quality, Andrew Farren; Nicole O’Hagan’s

Havanna, Nicole O’Ha-gan; Marty McGl-ade’s HSC Eye Candy, Ryan Hunter; Brian Smyth’s Iroko Quarry Diamond, Brian Smyth; Louise Anderson’s KEC Lanz, Wendy Anderson; Fr-ances Mellett’s Kilkern Lixie, Martin Mellett; Brian Smyth’s Kitty G.B., Brian Smyth; Laura Reid’s LMK Nataya, La-ura Reid; Brian Smyth’s Lucy Ludo, Brian Smyth; Michael Beattie’s MB Suzelle Du Chateau, Michael Beattie; Tiarna McGrath’s Super Kali Fragalistic, Tiarna McGr-ath.

Class 4 – 1.10m:
1) Nuala McNally’s Song of Charm, Nuala McNally; 2) Heather Graham’s Fl-utter Bye, Heather Graham; 3) Brian Sm-

yth’s Lucy Ludo, Br-ian Smyth; 4) Brian Smyth’s D. Douglas SB, Brian Smyth; 5) Louise Anderson’s KEC Lanz, Wendy Anderson; 6) Frances Mellett’s Kilkern Lixie, Martin Mellett.

Class 5 – 1.20m:
1) Sam Smyth’s Diktor Van Het Keizershof, Deborah Palmer; 2) Julie Henderson’s Touch Of Time, Julie Henderson; 3) Pamela Fox’s Bonny Sir Edward, Vikki Fox; 4) Michael Beattie’s MB MountPleasant Boy, Michael Beattie; 5) Andrew Farren’s Holga, Andrew Farren; 6) Linda Courtney’s LCC Bond, Annie Courtney-Cadam.

Class 6 – 1.30m:
1) Colin Thompson’s Arm-

ani Velvet, Barry McCor-mack; 2) Ryan Hunter’s Feerwerd Carlos, Ryan Hunter; 3) John Morgan’s Moyleview Dancer, Ba-

90CM: Helen Pannell jumping ‘Crafty Guy’ in the 90cm class at Connell Hill. (FW25-549NN)

rry McCormack; 4) Michael Beattie’s DSH Good Feeling, Michael Beattie.


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