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Christmas fun at Knockagh View

THANK you to everyone who supported the Christmas Show at Knockagh View, Greenisland on Tuesday, December 28 – what a super day they got! It was lovely to see so many out and lots of festivity! Thank you, as ever, to judge Paul Johnson, who keeps the shows running so smoothly and with a lovely relaxed atmosphere.

Don’t forget to check out the pictures from photographer Evie Williamson. Watch the Facebook page for New Year dates.


Tuesday, December 28

Christmas Show

Obstacles: 1) Sommer Garrett, Honey (m); 2) Caroline McKeown, Snowflake (m); 3) Katie Surgenor, Tommy (g); 4) Lily Crawford, Poppy (m); 5) Aria Kirk, Honey (m); 6) Katie Surgenor, Rocky (g).

30cm cross-poles: =1) Amelia Logan, Bart (g); Sommer Garrett, Honey (m); Lily Crawford, Poppy (m); Caroline McKeown, Snowflake (m); Aria Kirk, Honey (m); Megan Burns, Lily (m); Patrick Burns, Magical Merlin (g); Katie Surgenor, Rocky (g); Elsa O’Kane, Maverick (g).

50cm: =1) Aimee Frew, Shadow (g); Megan Burns, Lily (m); Annabel Manson, Harry (g); Poppy Bannon, Holly (m).

Fancy Dress: 1) Sommer Garrett, Honey (m); 2) Sorcha Maher, Honey (m); =3) Rebekah Todd, William (g); =3) Lily Crawford, Poppy (m).

60cm: 1) Gail Hadden, Diesel (g); 2) Kristina Fryers, Tapdancer (g); 3) Annabel Manson, Harry (g).

70cm: 1) Megan Matthews, Rocky (g); 2) Tracey Manson, Sparkles (m); 3) Hannah Robinson, Smokey Velvet (m); 4) Alana Eadie, Parkplace Fern (m); 5) Kristina Fryers, Tapdancer (g).

80cm: 1) Louise Cleland, Twiggy (m); 2) Hannah Robinson, Smokey Velvet (m); 3) Lesley Wilson, Lyleview Martell (g); 4) Tracey Manson, Sparkles (m); 5) Aldona Forbes, War Paint (g).

90cm: 1) Grace Reid, Killyglen Grace (m); 2) Nikita Kidd, Adastra on a Whisper (m); 3) Lesley Wilson, Lyleview Martell (g).

Bree Rutledge

If you would like to find out more about Horse Week, Bree Rutledge can be contacted by email: or or by telephone: +44 (0) 28 9033 4493.




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