Claas adds high-tech wheel loader to Torions


A new model has been added to the Claas Torion range. The Torion 738 T Sinus is the first Claas telescopic wheel loader, and offers outstanding manoeuvrability and stability. The new loader is equipped with numerous high-tech features.

A key benefit of the Torion 738 T Sinus is the central telescopic boom with an impressive bucket pivot point height of 4.96m. A maximum payload of 2,300kg in pallet fork mode on level ground is reliably accommodated even

in articulated position, with the boom fully extended.

The maximum tipping load articulated is 3,800kg. The maximum loading and stacking height with loading forks is 4.80m, and the maximum reach is 2.69m.

The Z kinematics of the mast impress with high breakaway force and a fast dumping speed. The implement carrier, with a 172 degree turning angle, has been kept very compact to ensure optimum visibility for the operator.

Operator comfort is further enhanced with a fast implement changer and end-of-travel damp-ing for the telescopic boom as standard equipment. Many of these impressive performance parameters are made possible by the unique SINUS steering system.

Ample hydraulic power for lifting and stacking tasks is always available, with hydraulic capacity of 93 l/min. Large oil consumers can be accommodated with an optional additional high-flow pump, pro-viding a further 28 l/min for external implements such as sweepers and mulchers. The maximum operating pressure is 230 bar. A double-acting control circuit can be fitted as additional equipment at the rear, while at the front a maximum of two control circuits can be optionally fitted for external implements. The hydraulics also feature free flow return and an oil overflow line on the implement carrier.

A machine that lifts heavy loads to great heights has to keep its feet firmly on the ground. This is where the Sinus steering system of the Torion 738 T Sinus comes into its own. Thanks to the unique combination of articulated and rear axle steering, maximum manoeuvrability is achieved with a maximum articulation angle on either side of just 30 degrees.

For this purpose, the rear wheels are directly connected via two steering rods to the front section, providing synchronised steering capability on turning of the articulated joint to a maximum wheel angle of 25 degrees. This results in an outstanding turning radius at the bucket edge of only 4.22m – unparalleled in this equipment class – and the inside turning radius is just 1.49m.

The articulated pivot joint allows the front and rear sections to pivot by up to eight degrees on each side. Layered springs fitted as dampers in the articulated pivot joint noticeably boost operator comfort, particularly on the road.

For repetitive loading tasks carried out over long periods, the optional Smart Loading package provides features for greater user convenience, and significantly reduces operator stress. Functions include the programmable lift height and lowering depth limit, automatic bucket return, dynamic load limit, and display of telescopic boom and implement carrier operation on the none-inch touchscreen terminal located on the right A-pillar.

A feature unique in the marketplace is automatic re-traction of the telescopic boom in combination with automatic bucket return and transition to the lowest lowering depth limit point. The boom and implement carrier are moved to their stored positions with a single movement of the joystick. The optional end-of-travel damping for the lifting and lowering kinematics can also be set individually on the state-of-the-art terminal.


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