Claas sets new world record


WITH the Disco 1100 RC conditioner mower unit, Claas has set a new world record for the amount mowed in eight hours. During this time frame, the machine mowed a total of 141.1 hectares of alfalfa in the USA with a roller conditioner and an average yield of 5.24 tonnes of dry mass per hectare. The previous world record was thus surpassed by more than 40 hectares.

On July 1, Tate Mesbergen from Mesbergen Farms set a new world record with a combination of Axion 800 and Disco 1100 RC machines. Tate mowed a total of 141.1 hectares in four different fields over an eight hour period.

With a maximum speed of 30km/h in the field and more than 50km/h from field to field, Tate mowed an average of 17.6ha/h during his world record attempt. “Not all fields were close to one another, so it was a real challenge to quickly fold up the mower units for transport and hurry along the roads,” explained Tate.

The day before the attempt, there was a thunderstorm with heavy showers of 12.7 millimetres of rain. This meant that the subsoil in particular in the first field was significantly wetter than usual. The start was delayed by a few hours, and during his record attempt, Tate also made two unplanned stops.

His first was between the first and second field. “I hit a piece of concrete on the first field and had to check whether the mower unit was damaged,” said Tate. A quick examination showed that no harm was done. Not one blade had to be replaced. The second interruption took place to check that the Disco mower unit was correctly folded before it was transported along the road to the last field.


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