Clandeboye Yoghurt in major deal with Lidl

Clandeboye SM Farm
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Clandeboye Estate, Northern Ireland’s only producer of creamy artisan yoghurt, is now supplying two of its handcrafted products to Lidl stores throughout the island of Ireland.

The company, which is based at Bangor in County Down and uses milk from the estate’s pedigree Holstein and Jersey herd, has won business for large 450g pots of its UK Great Taste award-winning Greek and vanilla yoghurts.

The deal with Lidl means that Clandeboye Estate is now supplying its luxury yoghurts to every supermarket chain in Northern Ireland and many across the Republic.

The premium yoghurts are going on sale in around 300 Lidl supermarkets across the island.

Clandeboye’s general manager Bryan Boggs says the important business followed a bench marketing exercise by Lidl management: “Lidl approached us following the check which concluded that our yoghurt was one of the best on the market. We were delighted to hear this about our yoghurts because it’s a marvellous endorsement of the quality and flavour of two of our longest-established and most successful luxury yoghurts.

“The breakthrough with Lidl and indeed other retailers here and in the Republic wouldn’t have been possible without the tremendous skills and dedication of our highly experienced and passionate team at Clandeboye,” he adds.

The deal comes at a time when the company is expanding capacity substantially through the construction of a £2 million state-of-the-art creamery near the current premises, which were developed when the small business was launched by Lady Dufferin on the historic estate in 2007.

The development is also in line with the estate and farm’s commitment to reduce its environmental impact in terms of waste elimination and use of fossil fuels.

The creamery, for example, will be powered from energy provided by the estate’s anaerobic digester.

“The yoghurt business was founded on a commitment to add value to the milk from our award winning herd and use it to create a successful food business that would help to sustain the picturesque estate well into the future,” said Bryan.

Clandeboye Estate’s range of Greek style and Natural yoghurts were officially launched in 2008 and have been highly successful in the Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland markets with listings secured in most major supermarket chains.

In addition to its natural and Greek style yoghurts, Clandeboye produces a successful range of flavoured products which are also widely available throughout Ireland.


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