Clogher Valley alive with activity for 100th show

Clogher Valley Show BR Farm
CONGRATULATIONS: Lesley Webb rode Emily McGowan’s ‘EMS Richeals Pet’, winners of The Clogher Valley Working Hunter Championship is congratulated by the Class Judges. (FW32-626JA)

AUGHER, Co. Tyrone, was once again the centre of action on Wednesday, July 25 with Clogher Valley Agricultural Society celebrating the 100th Annual Clogher Valley Show. The dedicated horse field on the Omagh Road, was alive with activity from early morning in festive spirit and embracing wonderful weather.

There were a total of 126 show jumping entries in one arena, starting with pony competitions, followed by horses over tracks set by Senior National Course Designer John Chambers and Regional Course Designer Seamus McCaffrey and ably judged by Show Jumping Ireland Senior National Judges, Dora Beacom, Lisburn and Frances Monteith, Seskinore.

FAMILY PONY: Judge Coleen Turner and Cllr Frances Burton, Vice Chair of Mid Ulster Council, presented the Family Pony Championship winners Cup to Rebecca McAdams. (FW32-624JA)

Many competitors sought to maximise their time on the day over the showing, working hunter and show jumping events and, in between, they made their way across the footbridge over the River Blackwater, to view the trade stands and the huge array of agricultural and home industries exhibits in the neighbouring fields.


Clogher Valley Show

Show Jumping

Ponies – 128 60cm Under 8 National Discovery League:
=1) Elizabeth McCracken, Billy Frazer; Daniel Pearson, Blue (GCS); Zoe Caskey, Heather Molly; Sarah McLaughlin, Phoenix Phantom; Kate Millar, Sir Bob (HPA); Zoe Caskey, Smokegun; Oran Hackett, Woodtown Little Star.

128 70cm O8/U10 National Discovery League:
=1) Jessica Baxter, Greenfield Mayflower; Zoe Caskey, Heather Molly; Alexandra Kerr, Pepsi Mac; Kate Millar, Sir Bob HPA; Gracie Bright, Slimero Sally; Gracie Bright, Suzy; Jessica Baxter, Tullyhogue Montana; Oran Hackett, Woodtown Little Star.

128 80cm:
=1) Ben Walsh, Baby Blue (USJI); Charlotte McCracken, Nely Done That; Alexandra Kerr, Pepsi Mac; Alexandra Kerr, Rathdrum Bobby; Ben Walsh, Wadacre Winnie The Pooh.

138 90cm: No Entries.

138 1m: No Entries.

Horses – 90cm:
=1) Ellen McCollum, Simply Kitty; Roisin Donnelly, Tullyherin Princess Ria.

=1) Jonathan Smyth, Fyfin Gold; Lisa Smyth, Je T’aime Le Fantome; Louise Early, Pilgrims Girl; Eric Smith, Premier Clover Touch; Lynne Russell, Salsa; Roisin Donnelly, Tullyherin Princess Ria.

1) Jonathan Creswell, Casual Z; 2) Jonathan Smyth, Fyfin Sommes Sister; 3) Dermot McAlaney, Flighty Sally; 4) Stephen Smith, Brockagh Loughehoe Lady; 5) Simon Scott, Luxs Like Candy; 6) Simon Scott, Carrickadawson Star; 7) Jonathan Smyth, Coloo Colin; 8) Lionel Johnston, Lady Chino; 9) Jonathan Smyth, Premier Spirit.

1) Lynne Russell, Akasha; 2) Lionel Johnston, The Risk; 3) Simon Scott, Carrickadawson Star; 4) Jonathan Smyth, Coloo Colin; 5) Simon Scott, Carrickadawson Womanizer; 6) Jonathan Smyth, Premier Spirit; 7) Stephen Smith, Brockagh Loughehoe Lady.


Brood Mares

Champion: Mr E Persse, Monaghan; Reserve: Mr D McGrath, Galway.

Filly Foal Champion: Mr W Persse.

Colt Foal Champion: Mr D McGrath.

Irish Draught Horses

Champion Mare: Enda Hamill, Letterkenny; Reserve: Mr Jim Steele, Donegal.

Champion I D Colt Foal: Denis McGrath.

Reserve I D Filly Foal: Mr & Mrs Kenny Bell.

Horses Young Stock

Champion Yearling: Samuel Irwin, Omagh.

Champion Two-year-old: Mr David Kinkead.

Champion Three-year-old: Mr Jim Dallas, Coagh.

Champion Young Horse: Mr Jim Dallas; Reserve: Miss Victoria Moffatt, Newtownards.

Miniature Horses

Champion: Mr Mervyn Latimer, Dromore, County Tyrone; Reserve: Yvonne Woolfenden, Kesh.

Ridden Horses

Champion: Miss Jill Revill, Dublin; Reserve: Mrs Lynn Spence, Dungannon.

Ladies Side Saddle

Champion: Mrs Yvonne Pearson, Newtownards; Reserve: Miss Laura Smyth, Randalstown.

Overall Horse Champion: Ms Jill Revill; Reserve: Mr Jim Dallas.


M & M in Hand

Champion: Mr Joseph Cleland, Belfast; Reserve: Mr A R Bell, Larne.

Hunter Pony Breeding

Champion: Laura-Ann Downey; Reserve: Kathryn Curry, Newtownards.

Welsh Pony

Champion & Reserve: Mr Joseph Cleland.

Part Bred

Champion: Ms Mary McDowell, Portaferry; Reserve: Miss Rachel Simons, Moy.

Ridden Ponies

Champion: Ms D O’Sullivan, Castlewellan; Reserve: Ms Mary McDowell, Portaferry.

Open Show Hunter Type

Champion: Ms Mary McDowell; Reserve: Ms G F Torrens, Donegal.

M & M Ridden

Champion: Mr Denver Logan, Randlestown; Reserve: Ms Mary McDowell.

Shetland Ponies

Junior Championship & Reserve: Mrs Sharon Cumberland, Portadown.

Overall Champion: Mr A R Bell, Larne; Reserve: Mrs Sharon Cumberland.

Connemara Ponies

In Hand Champion: Ian & Lisa Doran, Donaghadee; Reserve: Francis & Deirdre O’Reilly, Dundalk.

Ridden Champion: Miss Lynsey Adams, Portrush; Reserve: Shane Doyle, Castledawson.

Overall Show Pony Champion: Mr Denver Logan; Reserve: Ms Mary McDowell.

The £2,000 All-Ireland Working Hunter Championship

Champion: Miss Emily McGowan, Killinchy; Reserve: Amanda Fahy, Craughwell.

1) Miss Emily McGowan, Killinchy; 2) Amanda Fahy, Craughwell; 3) Sarah Moore, Ballynahinch; 4) Mrs Helen Pearson-Murry, Newtownards; 5) Mrs Rachel Graham, Lisburn; 6) Mr Allistair McDonald, Crumlin.

Novice Working Hunter: 1) Deborah Burns, Caledon; 2) Allistair McDonald, Crumlin; 3) Rachel Graham, Lisburn; 4) Mrs Carolyn Gilpin, Dungannon.

Killyhevlin Cup – Racehorse to Riding Horse

Champion: Libby Mooney, Donegal; Reserve: Oisin McCann, Donegal.

Class 112 – Edward ‘Teddy’ Irwin Trophy – Family Pony Lead Rein – Rider 8 years and under: 1) Taylor-Lee Doyle, Little Miss Mollie; 2) Catherine Beattie, Princess =3) Reuben Johnston, Charlie; =3) Beth Sawyers, Princess.

Class 113 – Boyd Perpeual Trophy – Family Pony Unled – Rider 8 years and under: 1) Katie Donnelly, Harry Hoot; =2) Mathew Shannon, Princess; =2) Kathryn McKernaghan, Barney; 3) Rosha Traynor, Rizzle.

Class 114 – Rehill McKeown Cup – Family Pony Lead Rein – Rider 9 years and over: 1) Niamh McCara, Blackjack; 2) Shannon McCara, Jigsaw; 3) Zarah Jebb, Jimmy.

Class 115 – Ballyrennan Cup – Family Pony Unled – Rider 9 years and over: 1) Rebecca McAdam, Peggy; 2) Katie Donnelly, Bailey; 3) Sadie McMahon, Lady Lola.

Class 116 – Dungannon & Sth Tyrone Borough Council Cup – Open Family Pony – Riders up to 17 years: 1) Julie Mulligan, Sweet Wall Tamarind; 2) Bethany Smyth, Golden Grove Royal Wedding; 3) Grace Morton, Joylene; 4) Grainne Lacey, Silver Lacey.

Class 117 – Dungannon & Sth Tyrone Borough Council Cup – Family Pony Championship: 1) Rebecca McAdam, Peggy; 2) Julie Mulligan, Sweet Wall Tamarind.

Class 118 – Dungannon & Sth Tyrone Borough Council Cup – Cradle Starter Stakes Lead Rein – Rider under 10 years: 1) Sophie Hamilton, Bambie May; 2) Taylor-Lee Doyle, Little Miss Mollie; 3) Rioghnach Askin, Lady CoCo.

Class 119 – Dungannon & Sth Tyrone Borough Council Cup – Cradle Starter Stakes Unled – Rider under 10 years: 1) Jocelyn Hutchinson, HoltaIll Bandit; 2) Rebecca Shannon, Princess; 3) Elle-Mae McCrory, Dante; 4) Heidi Martin, Helawi Red Orchid.

Class 120 – Dungannon & Sth Tyrone Borough Council Cup – Cradle Starter Stakes Championship: 1) Jocelyn Hutchinson, HoltaIll Bandit; 2) Sophie Hamilton, Bambie Mae.

Class 121 – Dungannon & Sth Tyrone Borough Council Cup – Working Hunter Pony up to 122cm: 1) Kairlin McCrory, Pop; 2) Katie McCaffrey, Brookvale Royal Consort; 3) Jocelyn Hutchinson, Flight of Earls; 4) Rihanna Mulligan, Rhidfellin Stickler.

Class 122 – Dungannon & Sth Tyrone Borough Council Cup – Working Hunter Pony up to 133cm: 1) Katie McCaffrey, Brookvale Royal Consort; 2) Eileen McDonald, Greenfield Apache; 3) Katie Millar, Sir Bob; 4) Aine Cunningham, Jack.

Class 123 – Dungannon & Sth Tyrone Borough Council Cup – Working Hunter Pony up to 143cm: 1) Sarah Boyle, Hey There Delilah; 2) Katelyn Irvine, Duachshadow; 3) Bethany Smith, Golden Grove Royal Wedding; 4) Zara Hamilton, Mindy B.

Class 124 – Dungannon & Sth Tyrone Borough Council Cup – Working Hunter Pony up to 153cm: 1) Emily Hawe, Crannard King of Hearts; 2) Katie Burn, Caracus; 3) Grainne Lacey, Silver Lacey; 4) Cain McLarkin, Rosie.

PRESENTATION: Taylor-Lee Doyle on her pony won the Eight Years and Under Family Pony Championship, with mum Amanda Doyle, is congratulated by Ring Judge Patricia Lalor and received the Edward William Boyd Perpetual Cup from Ring Steward Gail Boyd. (FW32-621JA)

Class 125 – Alan A Alcorn Memorial Perpetual Cup – Champion Working Hunter: Emily Hawe, Crannard King of Hearts; Reserve: Julia Mulligan, Sweet Wall Tamarind.


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