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Collecting cups at Co Antrim dinner

CLUBS from County Antrim YFC celebrated their achievements over the last year with their Annual Dinner Dance taking place at Tullyglass House hotel on Friday October 15. Congratulations to all those who received awards on the night.

It was great to see members back together after the pandemic and to award them for their accomplishments over the last year.

The following awards were presented for competitions from September 1 2020 – August 31, 2021:

County Competition Day Prizes

County Princess – 1st Hannah O’Neil, Lisnamurrican

Digger Handling – 1st Lisnamurrican

United Dairy Farmer – 1st Jack Johnston, Randalstown

Girls Task – 1st Chloe Dickey, Randalstown

Tractor Handling – 1st Randalstown

Farm Safety – 1st Craig Henry, Moycraig

County Competition Day Overall Winner – Randalstown


12-14: Jack Orr, Kilraughts YF

14-16: Victoria Currie, Kilraughts YFC

16-18 (P): Adam Gaston, Glarryford YFC

18-21 (P): James Currie, Kilraughts YFC

21-25 (P): Thomas McNeill, Kilraughts YFC

25-30 (P): Gemma Dickey, Randalstown YFC


JUNIOR SECTION – Leo Kidd, Lisnamurrican YFC

SENIOR SECTION – Stephanie McIlroy, Gleno Valley YFC


12-14: Isabella Gregg, Glarryford YFC

14-16: Zara Robson, Holestone YFC

16-18: Ben King, Glarryford YFC

18-21: Lean Steele, Crumlin YFC

21-25: = Philip Beattie & Samuel Beattie, Finvoy YFC

25-30: Richard Beattie, Finvoy YFC

SHEEP 2021

12-14: Erin Robinson, Glarryford YFC

14-16: Ben Robinson, Glarryford YFC

16-18: Craig Robson, Holestone YFC

18-21: Ellen McClure, Lylehill YFC

21-25: Rachel Smith, Moycraig YFC

25-30: Christine Maybin, Lisnamurrican YFC

BEEF 2021

12-14: James Gregg, Glarryford YFC

14-16: Holly Beatty, Holestone YFC

16-18: Louise Moore, Holestone YFC

18-21: Jack Stewart, Holestone YFC

21-25: James Robson, Holestone YFC

25-30: Ryan Bonar, Randalstown YFC


12-14: Leo Kidd, Lisnamurrican YFC

14-16: Victoria Currie, Kilraughts YFC

16-18: Zara Davis, Lylehill YFC

18-21: Natasha Adams, Lisnamurrican YFC

21-25: Adrianna Coulter, Straid YFC

25-30: David Hodges, Moycraig YFC

FLORAL ART 2020/21

12-14: Charlotte McMaster, Lisnamurrican YFC

14-16: Anna Francey, Lisnamurrican YFC

16-18: Emma Mills, Randalstown YFC

18-21: Alexis Kidd, Lisnamurrican YFC

21-25: Cathy Reid, Glarryford YFC

25-30: Lucy Benton, Ahoghill YFC

SILAGE MAKING 2021 – Mark Johnston, Randalstown YFC


Junior Section – James Currie, Kilraughts YFC

Senior Section – Jack Johnston, Randalstown YFC


Junior – Victoria Currie, Kilraughts

Senior – Rachel Smith, Moycraig & Laura Patterson, Holestone

CLUB LEADER OF THE YEAR – Richard Beattie, Finvoy YFC

SECRETARY OF THE YEAR – Gail McCullough, Lisnamurrican YFC

TREASURER OF THE YEAR – Stephanie McIlroy, Gleno Valley YFC

PRO OF THE YEAR – Cathy Reid, Glarryford YFC

Junior Member of the year – Victoria Currie

Senior Member of the year – Jessica Reid

Most Efficient Club of the Year – Finvoy YFC



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