Collone kicks off 75th anniversary celebrations at the Armagh Show

n Jack Rollsten, Luke Rollsten and Kyle Livingstone excited for the rodeo bull in Collone’s tent.

SATURDAY, June 8, saw another successful day for Collone Young Farmers at Armagh Show. Armagh Show is always a big event in Collone’s calendar. This year saw Collone launched its 75th anniversary at the show.

The club will be holding its 75th anniversary dinner in Armagh City Hotel on November 16. The two charities for the anniversary are Cruse Bereavement Care and Danny Mills Heart Foundation.

n Ellen McCarragher, Katie McCarragher, Gemma Jardine, Katie Ferris, George Porter and Matthew Livingstone :

The club would love to hear and share your stories, so if you have any memorabilia or photos please contact any club member asap. The club would also appreciate help if anyone would like to donate a prize or make a charitable donation please contact Ian Walker or Matthew Livingstone. Tickets can be purchased from Ian on 07980 532734 or Matthew on 07927 899745.

As well as launching its 75th anniversary Collone YFC had lots of fun and games at the show. Collone held their annual jiving competition with Aidan Clerkin singing. Well done to the winners.

This year Collone took to the main arena and held a County Armagh YFC Tug O’War competition. Well done to all clubs who participated and a big well done to Collone’s two teams who came first and third.

Collone also had a very special visitor to its tent. YFC Moo made an appearance and even went on a tour around the show.

n Robert Mitchell and Karen Walker pictured with YFC Moo. :

The club would like to thank everyone for their continued support. Keep up-to-date on facebook, snapchat and instagram!


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