Collone YFC triumphs in Floral Art competition

Collone Floral TD Farm
FINAL TOUCHES: Dylan Black and Ian Kennedy putting their final touches to their pieces.

COLLONE YFC attended the Floral Art Heats in Ballynahinch Community Centre on Wednesday, October 24.

Twenty-one members attended with everyone having done a fantastic job with their floral piece. Six members were placed, with those in 1st place making the final at next year’s Balmoral Show.

PIECE: Alex Phillips putting together her floral piece.


12-14: 1st – Alex Phillips; 2nd – Ellie Hawthorne; 3rd – Julie Hamilton.

14-16: 1st – Jake McCartney.

21-25: 2nd – Ian Walker.

TRIO: Andrew Hamilton, Luke Milligan and Jake McCartney.

25-30: 1st – Elaine Crozier.


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