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Colourful Dressage Finale at Hagans Croft

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SATURDAY, August 14 saw the final of Hagans Croft’s Summer dressage league. Horses and riders were turned out immaculately and some very accurate tests were ridden in front of judge, Fiona Young. The final was open to all competitors, although only those who had qualified were entitled to be placed within the league, therefore two separate prize givings took place.

The Intro class has had fantastic entries throughout the league, therefore the top six placings were all up for grabs on the day and within the league. On the day, Shenade Duggan certainly made her mark on this class, with her young gelding ‘Henry’. This combination have worked hard throughout the league and all their hard work certainly came to fruition, as they secured their highest score to date and first place on the day and sixth within the league placings.

Elizabeth Swift and ‘Eeabrooke Isra’ were consistently high scoring throughout the league and, therefore, after their best four score were totted together, there was no denying them the first place rosette for the league. They were delighted to say the least!

Once again, the Newcomers class had an increase in numbers throughout the six-week league. This was very encouraging to see, as this class was primarily added for those wishing to move up a level from a walk trot Intro test to a Prelim test, which introduces canter transitions. There wasn’t much movement between ‘on the day’ placings and the Newcomers league placings, with Charlie Watson and ‘Master Casper Boy’ holding onto their top spot on the day and subsequently within the league – very well deserved red ribbons all round for this super pair!

The Prelim class saw a few new faces take on the challenge. Victoria Laverty and ‘Indi’ performed a faultless British Dressage Prelim 12 test, finishing on the highest score of the day – 84.2% – to take first place. Amelia Wheeler and ‘Creevelea Midnight Gambler’ also gave a sterling performance, saluting to a score of 81.8%. This is Amelia’s highest score to date at Hagans Croft and the blue ribbon was certainly well deserved.

Kelsea Maginnis was still on a high from her win the week before on ‘Mia’ and, with another super score of 80.2% and fifth place on the day, the pair had secured themselves enough points to be awarded the overall Prelim league win. It has been a pleasure watching this pair develop over league and Hagans Croft looks forward to being part of their future successes!

Rachel Freil and ‘Alghan Nipper’ made light work of the British Dressage Novice test; they were awarded first place on the day for their score of 77.68%, which also secured them third place within the Novice League. Hot on their heels was Kathryn McCaughan and ‘Monsoon’, who finished on a score of 77.32% on the day and took the blue ribbon. Both Katie Watson and Olivia Courtney finished on the same number of points after their best four scores were added together, however Katie pipped Olivia to the top spot with a higher score on the day, leaving Katie and ‘Lissyegan Bay News’ first in the Novice league and Olivia and ‘Moo’ second in the league.

It was great to see Danielle Hammond and ‘Tanino’ back competing at this venue and they certainly made their mark, saluting to a score of 80.2% – no-one could deny them first place and the red ribbon on the day.

Laura Fekkes and ‘Finn’ were flying the flag for the Elementary league and had first place in the bag from the off. The pair were delighted with their progress throughout the six weeks, as this was their first attempt at competing at this level. Well done!

Thanks go to all the competitors, who supported this event throughout the six weeks. Thanks also go to the judge, Fiona Young, scribes and stewards, who keep events running so smoothly every week! Thank you to Black Horse Photography for covering the event throughout the six weeks – all photographs can be purchased from Black Horse Photography’s website.

Hagans Croft is now preparing for their five-week Show Jumping league, which starts on Saturday, August 28. This event is pre-entry only, with entries closing each Thursday at 8pm. To enter, please visit Hagans Croft’s website: www.haganscrofteqestrian.co.uk or download the Hagans Croft App onto your smart phone.


Saturday, August 14

Dressage League Final

Class 1: INTRO – The Pony Club Walk/ Trot Dressage Test 2013: 1) Shenade Duggan, Henry 82%; 2) Victoria McCandless, Da Baba Elephant 71.67%; 3) Cathryn McCarroll, Maggi May 69.3%; 4) Jo McKelvie, Peri 69%; 5) Jackie Flynn, Miekle Dumbledore 68.67%; 6) Annabelle Gill, Gracie 66.3%.

Class 2: NEWCOMERS PRELIM – British Dressage, Prelim 7, 2002: 1) Charlie Watson, Master Casper Boy 80.75%; 2) Amelia Wheeler, Creevelea Midnight Gambler 79%; 3) Fiona McKenna, Lexi 73.25%; 4) Charlotte Moore, Flora 61%; 5) Valerie McCracken, Big Promise 59%.

Class 3: PRELIM – British Dressage, Prelim 12, 2005: 1) Victoria Laverty, Indi 84.2%; 2) Amelia Wheeler, Creevelea Midnight Gambler 81.8%; 3) Chloe Rooney, Paddington 81.4%; 4) Sarah McClay, Ballinglen Romeo 80.8%; 5) Kelsea Maginnis, Mia 80.2%; 6) Zach Watson, Socks 77.8%.

Class 4: NOVICE – British Dressage, Novice 27, 2007: 1) Rachel Freil, Alghan Nipper 77.68%; 2) Kathryn McCaughan, Monsoon 77.32%; 3) Katie Watson, Lissyegan Bay News 76.07%; 4) Olivia Courtney, Moo 74.29%; 5) Harriett Hogan, Tilly 73.04%; 6) Samantha Edgar, Ballinderry K.J. 70%.

Class 5: ELEMENTARY – British Dressage, Elementary 44, 2002: 1) Danielle Hammond, Tanino 80.2%; 2) Kate McCracken, Spirit 77%; 3) Alison Baird, TMS Freya 74.4%; 4) Laura Fekkes, Finn 73%.

Summer 2021 Dressage League

Class 1: INTRO: 1) Elizabeth Swift, Eeabrook Isra; 2) Jackie Flynn, Meikle Dumbledore; 3) Jo McKelvie, Peri; 4) Victoria McCandless, Baba; 5) Kristina Hayes, Ruby; 6) Shenade Duggan, Henry.

Class 2: NEWCOMERS PRELIM: 1) Charlie Watson, Master Casper Boy; 2) Valerie McCracken, Big Promise.

Class 3: PRELIM: 1) Kelsea Maginnis, Mia; 2) Sarah McClay, Ballinglen Romeo; 3) Rachel Freil, Alghan Nipper; 4) Jaemi Cochrane, Tyrella Penelope pit stop; 5) Claire Young, Zody; 6) Zach Watson, Socks.

Class 4: NOVICE: 1) Katie Watson, Lissyegan Bay News; 2) Olivia Courtney, Moo; 3) Rachel Freil, Alghan Nipper; 4) Harriett Hogan, Tilly.

Class 5: ELEMENTARY: 1) Laura Fekkes, Finn.

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