Come and see the benefits of Clipex Fencing Systems

Come and see the benefits of Clipex Fencing Systems

HOLLYMOUNT Contracts Limited is a family- run business based just outside Downpatrick, specialising in agricultural and commercial fencing and groundworks.

A spokesman said: “We pride ourselves on looking to the future for our customers so that we are not just looking after them now, but for generations to come.

“Some years back we noticed that the standard wooden posts were not lasting and we were having to replace fences more regularly. With this in mind we started to seek an alternative product which brought us to Clipex. It has revolutionised the traditional stock fence.

“For the past year we have been supplying and erecting Clipex Fencing Systems and are finding it is becoming more popular as customers have peace of mind with the Clipex 30 year guarantee.”

Clipex started in 2007 when the Olsson family invented a patented clip inside a fence post. Since then it has evolved into a complete fencing system. From the end strainers, to the wire and fence posts, they have developed a system that’s designed to work together.

Clipex systems are much faster to erect, stronger and more cost effective than other forms of fencing in the market. Farmers, contractors, government departments, railways, construction, land agents and utility companies all testify that the Clipex fencing solution successfully delivers real benefits that were not thought possible.

The Hollymount Contracts spokesman added: “We are now starting to demonstrate some of the other Clipex products, namely the Clipex Sheep Handler. As with all Clipex products it has been designed and manufactured to the highest standard and quality. The Clipex Sheep Handler is a no compromise sheep handler with more features than any in its class, while also being more affordable than any other handler in its class.

Clipex fencing and sheep handling demonstrations have been organised as follows:

Monday, December 18 – Sheep handling 2pm-4pm, at Reggie Annett’s, 106 Carrigenagh Road, Kilkeel BT30 4QA

Tuesday, December 19 – Sheep handling 2pm-4pm, at Alan Montgomery’s, 34 Downpatrick Road, Killough, Downpatrick

Wednesday, December 20 – Fencing 10.30am-12.30pm and sheep handling 2pm-4pm, at Alex McMullan’s, Shelton Road, Magherahoney, Armoy

Thursday, December 21 – Sheep handling 10.30am-12.30pm, fencing 2pm-4pm, at Ian Buchanan’s, 59 Magheramore Road, Dungiven.


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