Connell Hill prepares for SJI Summer Horse League

Connell SJ BR Farm
1M: Edward Little and ‘Brian’ on their way to a clear round in the 1m class at Connell Hill. (FW27-518NN)

THE weather continued to hold up for Connell Hill’s fourth show jumping training show on Thursday, June 25. With another great turnout for the horses, everyone enjoyed the opportunity to jump a great course built by Will Crean. Organisers would again like to thank everyone for their support and cooperation with the new protocol due to Covid 19.

All at Connell Hill are thrilled that the SJI Summer Horse League will be commencing on Thursday, July 2, with classes from 80cm to 1.30m. All entries for this league are processed through the new SJI live app or alternatively at

CLEAR: Gemma Goodrich and ‘Bubble’ jumped clear in the 1m class at Connell Hill. (FW27-517NN)

For all other information on up and coming events at Connell Hill, please visit the website: Organisers look forward to continue to put forward a jam-packed calendar for all disciplines this summer.


Thursday, June 25

Horses – 80cm Double clear: Ashleigh Perry, Rosie; Ben Walsh, Gino; Noel McKee, Mansell; Donna Barron, Barney; Sheelagh Canty, Mr Timmy; Zoe Dickey, Ellie; Lucy Cassidy, Mandy; Lisa Allen, Annie; Caroline Gaston, Otto; Jodie Creighton, Jill; Barry McCormick, Simba; Tabiatha Allen, Cassie.

90cm Double clear: Tabiatha Allen, Cassie; Alex Ogle, Echo; Tory Lee, Tonic; Paul Caves, Bert; Ben Walsh, Gino; Sarah Bailie, Renesmee; Lucy McNeill, Glenties Grey Rebel; Lucy Cassidy, Mandy; Hannah Thompson, Jess; Shannon Mackenzie, Biggie; Donna Campbell, Mary Lou; Grace McGarry, Dolly.

1m Double Clear: Kevin Mackey, Alfie; Hannah Patterson, Evie; Edward Little, Charlie; Grace McGarry, Dolly; Hannah Patterson, Ella; Lucy Lamont, Pippy; Elaine Morrow, Daisy; Gemma Goodrich, Bubble; Wendy Anderson, Woody; Anita Doherty; Cerys Lundy, Ace’s Delight; Liam McGarry, Chester; Edward Little, Brian; Beverley Caves, Marge; Donna Campbell, Cleo; Karen Fleck, Franco.

1.10m: 1) Kevin Mackey, Hero; 2) Fiona Cooper, Smiler; 3) Kevin Mackey, Havana; 4) Hannah Thompson, Millie; 5) Wendy Anderson, Woody; 6) Ben Walsh, Jtaime.

1.20m: 1) Lucy Lamont, Tana; 2) Gareth Saunderson, Seb; 3) Lucy Lamont, Holly; 4) Ben Walsh, Hedi; 5) Toni McClenaghan, Rio; 6) Jodie Creighton, Seth.

STYLISH: Tori Lee and ‘Tonic’ competing in the 1m class at Connell Hill. (FW27-516NN) PICTURES

1.30m: 1) Liam McGarry, Dan; 2) Jodie Creighton, Seth; 3) Liam McGarry, Tonka.


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