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Connell Hill welcomes talented pony show jumpers as they host Autumn Pony Tour

OCTOBER 30 and 31 was a very busy weekend at Connell Hill Equestrian Centre, Randalstown, which started off with the continuation of the TRI Equestrian Autumn Pony Tour. Competitors enjoyed gaining very important indoor jumping experience and a great course built by Will Creen.

Thank you to Linda Skillen, Rosemary Fisher and Pauline McAuley, who judged over the two shows and to all who helped make a very successful and enjoyable show for both competitors and spectators.

All show details and entry for events at Connell Hill can be found on the website: www.connell


TRI Equestrian Autumn Pony Tour at Connell Hill

Saturday, October 30

138 80cm – Double clear: Lucy Donnan, Hollywood Pippin; Darragh Murphy, Just Joyce; Emily Maneely, Rosie.

138 90cm – Double clear: Tara McHenry, Kungfu Spartacus; Julia Mulligan, Strawberry Phoenix.

138 1m: 1) Caitlin Kelly, 50 Shades; 2) Lucie McIlhatton, Roughan Boy; 3) Zoe Keys, Dougle Martyn; 4) Zoe Keys, Newtown Thunder Lady.

138 1.10m: 1) Calum Pearson, Lackaghmore Frishow; 2) Caitlin Kelly, 50 Shades.

148 80cm – Double clear: Kirsten Bailie, Beech Hill; Lucy Donnan, Greenaun Russell.

148 90cm – Double clear: Kirsten Bailie, Beech Hall; Jenna Harkness, Caoranbeg Hanna; Anna Cardwell, Cashmir Jumper; Katie Campbell, Cloneyogan Master; Rianna Mulligan, Highlandy Rebel; Mischa Lennon, Reekamp’s Silvano; Amy Coleman, Seapark Quality; Rosanna Beattie, Simba Playa; Oliver Doherty, Springhill Spartacus; Laura Ruddy, Woodhills Pride.

148 1m – Double clear: Katie Campbell, Cloneyogan Master; Maeve Clarke, Edenmore Apache; Rianna Mulligan, Highlandy Rebel; Hannah Thompson, RMA Silver Dollar; Oliver Doherty, Springhill Spartacus.

148 1.10m: 1) Oliver Doherty, Springhill Premier; 2) Ben Walsh, Derryvane Belle; 3) Meave Clarke, Lissyegan Bonny Babe; 4) Hannah Thompson, RMA Silver Dollar.

148 1.20m: 1) Jenny Dunlop, Keatingstown Hunky Dory; 2) Maeve Clarke, Lissyegan Bonny Babe; 3) Oliver Doherty, Springhill Premier; 4) Jenny Dunlop, Derrylough Hugo.

1m COH & Juniors – Double clear: Katie Campbell, Cleo; Eenna Hamilton, Dannys Diamond; Ava Stubbs, Morning de la Bouverie; Amy McLaughlin,

Rhonda; Taylor McKnight, Tassagh Sky Doctor.

1.10/ 1.20cm COH & Juniors: 1) Taylor McKnight, Tassagh Sky Doctor; 2) Amy McLaughlin, Rhonda; 3) Ava Stubbs, Morning de La Bouverie; 4) Ben Maybin, Garryduff Diamond Mine; 5) Maeve Clarke, Les Quality; 6) Eenna Hamilton, Dannys Diamond.

Sunday, October 31

128 50cm Newcomers – Double clear: Kathryn Walker, Aughmore Dante; Ava McElroy, Beechfields Mini Hero; Ava McElroy, Rickamore Pop It; Rebekah Walker, Smokegun.

128 60cm Newcomers – Double clear: Kathryn Walker, Aughmore Dante; Ava McElroy, Beech Mini Hero; CJ O’Brien, Coolgarrane Candy Pops; Kara McLaughlin, Lucky Day; Katie McDonald, Peaches; Shannon Cairns, Priah; Rebekah Walker, Smokegun; Jessica McGonigle, Thistledown Royal Academy; Clodagh Sharkey, Woodside Magic.

128 70cm – Double clear: Catie McEvoy, Coco Bernah; Chloe Clarke, Flowerhill Judy; Shannon Cairns, Grantstown Ninja; Clodagh Sharkey, Jasper; Kara McLaughlin, Lucky Day; Khloe McLaughlin, Phoenix Phantom; Emily Maneely, Scarletts Lulu; Jessica McGonigle, Thistledown Royal; Clodagh Sharkey, Woodside Magic.

128 80cm – Double clear: Cara Garrity, Goldie Lock 11; Zoe Mellett, Hollycroft Nemesis; Rebecca Coulter, KHS Little Ted; Serena Brown, Longwood Granpas Diamond; Rebecca Coulter, Loughkeeland Jake; Keeva McElhennon, Mackney Blue; Serena Brown, Maximilo; Cliodhna McEvoy, Romeo; Cara Garrity, Rosegate Mayfly; Emily Maneely, Scarletts Lulu.

128cm 85cm Under 10s – Double clear: Sarah McLaughlin, Parcglas Olimpic Venture; Eunan Kelly, Tynwydd Alun; Khloe McLaughlin, Phoenix Phantom; Serena Brown, Maximilo; Serena Brown, Longwood Grandpas Diamond.

128cm 90cm: 1) Cliodhna McEvoy, Tynnan Tuttle Pip; 2) Juliana Nelson, Maesteg Edward; 3) Juliana Nelson, Knokmenagh Rocco; 4) Cliodhna McEvoy, Romeo; 5) Zoe Caskey, Walter’s Moonlite Casino; 6) Chloe Clarke, Soxs Bay.

128cm 1m: 1) Zoe Mellett, Billibob; 2) Sarah McLaughlin, Linde Hoeve’s Ricardo; 3) Zoe Caskey, Walter’s Moonlite Casino; 4) Sara Margey, Aladdin; 5) Cliodhna McEvoy, Tynnan Tuttle Pip; 6) Sarah McLaughlin, Leo the Lionheart 11.

Bree Rutledge

If you would like to find out more about Horse Week, Bree Rutledge can be contacted by email: or or by telephone: +44 (0) 28 9033 4493.




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