Consider CAFRE for postgraduate study

OPTIONS: At a Graduate Fair, Emma McHugh, a final year Food Technology Degree student, discussed course options with Dr Claire Hughes, Course Manager of the Postgraduate Business courses at CAFRE. This picture was taken on March 10 before the introduction of government guidance on social distancing.

IF you are in the final year of your undergraduate course, this certainly isn’t the 2020 that you expected.

At this time of the year you would have been trying to get space in the library for last minute study before your final exams. Perhaps events of the past couple of months have left you feeling you have missed out on a bit of university life and you are starting to reconsider your options for your future career.

One of these options should include studying for a postgraduate qualification at CAFRE – the College of Agriculture, Food and Rural Enterprise.

CAFRE, in conjunction with Queen’s University Belfast, delivers postgraduate courses in Business for Agri-Food and Rural Enterprise which are ideally suited for honours degree students.

For those who wish to take their education to the next level whilst also providing them with a competitive edge in the job market, the Graduate Certificate in Business Communication can also be undertaken for those with relevant work experience. Completion of the Graduate Certificate allows progression onto the Postgraduate Certificate, Diploma and Master’s courses.

For those who gain employment in the agri-food, rural or community sectors there is the option to study towards a Master’s part-time, equivalent to one evening per week, over three years of study. Or if you prefer there is the option to complete the Master’s by studying full-time for one year.

These courses complement a broad range of undergraduate degrees and are an excellent way of widening your career prospects whilst achieving a higher level degree qualification. With exceptional teaching standards, smaller classes, a friendly campus environment and supportive tutors, you can be assured of a first-class experience of learning.

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