Continued support for SJI Autumn League at Connell Hill

Connell SJI BR Farm
DOUBLE CLEAR: Laura Crown and ‘Miss Lady Lux’ jumped double clear in the 1m class at the SJI Autumn League at Connell Hill. (FW42-522NN) PICTURES: courtesy of Lyndon McKee

CONNELL Hill Eques-

trian Centre, Rand-alstown, continues to run its SJI Autumn League for horses. With the new restrictions in place, organisers would like to again say thank you for the continued support. With the final only a few weeks away, this League will run through to November 5 and further details and entry can be found on the SJI website:

Connell Hill would like to thank all competitors for their continued support and compliance with the new Covid regulations and hope that the online entry system is making it easier for everyone. For more information on up and coming events, please visit the new website:

All at Connell Hill would like to wish Simon Scott a very quick recovery and everyone’s thoughts are with both him and his family at this time.


Thursday, October 8

90cm – Double Clear: Felicity Pierce, Drumnaconnell Mas-ter; Jonathan Smyth, Mr Basil; Jenny Beattie, Foley Hill Harriett; Rhona Wilkinson, Rosevale Spirit.

1m – Double Clear: Laura Crown, Miss Lady Lux; Chloe Connon, Dark Secret; Rachel Brown, Lavaro; Jayne Doherty, Candy High; Charlotte Dixon, Irish Amigo; Sarah Ballie, Lisnamorrows Echoizer; Suzanne Posnett, Luscinia Eickenrode; Helen Pannell, Craft Guy; Stephen Darragh, SDS Tilly; Rachel Brown, Old Oaks Cobrano; Charlotte Wylie, Asja Van Berkenbroeck; Kevin Mackey, Tokyo ISH; Julie Barr, Colt Forty Five.

1.10m: 1) Ian Moore, Triple C IHR; 2) Fiona Thompson, Curolea Roni; 3) Ian Moore, Pine Croft Fleet; 4) Aine McPeake, Into the Morning;

5) Keith McDonald, Springburn Shutterfly; 6) Jonathan Smyth, By the Way.

1.20m: 1) Barry McCormack, Kingschoice; 2) Jonathan Smyth, By the Way HR; 3) Kevin Mackey, Border Patrol; 4) Suzanne Posnett, Foesuela; 5) Fiona Thompson, O’Harabrook; 6) Kevin Mackey, Havanna.

1.30m: 1) Barry McCormack, Kingschoice; 2) Gareth Clingan, Delle Lux; 3) Sara McMordie, Drumaclan Jack; 4) Kevin Mackey; Boarder Patrol; 5) Barry McCormack, Greenan Fusion; 6) Gareth Saunderson, GTA Waldo.


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