Coping with pressures of farming

ON FARM: A father and son standing together and looking at cows grazing on farm.

RURAL Support continues to provide free and relevant services to farmers and farm families across Northern Ireland.

Its latest offering includes a series of workshops focusing on coping with the pressures of farming. These are being delivered at various locations across the region as part of the CAFRE Farming Family Key Skills Programme.

Rural Support’s mission is to provide practical and professional support to farmers, farm families and farm businesses.

This free training provides real-world guidance and support with the specific aim of helping participants identify stress points, both in themselves and others, and learn how to deal with them.

The training focuses on how to recognise the symptoms of excessive stress, exploring ways to build resilience and develop strong mental fitness.

You will also find out how to access specialist support when it is needed. Participants also learn how to support friends and neighbours who may also be experiencing challenges.

A previous participant of the programme recently said: “Thoroughly enjoyed the workshop, very well delivered with a lot of personal touches from the facilitators – keep up the good work.”

The workshops are delivered by two Rural Support facilitators, who also regularly work with farmers and farm families on a variety of issues, bringing a wealth of experience and understanding of the challenges, as well as expertise to help overcome those challenges.

Upcoming dates and locations of the workshops include:

February 10 at the Rowan Tree Centre, Pomeroy at 7.30pm

February 11 at Kilbride Presbyterian Church, Kilbride at 7.45pm

February 17 at Kilcronaghan Activity Centre, Tobermore at 7.30pm

February 24 at St Eugene’s Hall, Dregish (Newtownstewart) at 7.30pm

February 25 at Glarryford Farmers Hall, Glarryford at 7.30pm

March 3 at The Market Yard, Larne at 10.30am

Workshops are open to both men and women as well as young people over the age of 16 years old.

If you would like to take part or would like more information please register with Rural Support by phoning 028 8676 0040 or email

This programme is funded under the EU Rural Development Programme therefore registration is recommended to secure your space.


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