Cream of calves at United Feeds show

Hereford calf show TD Farm
ROSETTE: Junior Male champion Drumgold 1 Finn, owned by Peter Collins.

THE cream of the Northern Ireland Hereford Association calves turned out in force to attend this year’s NIHBA United Feeds Calf show at Dungannon.

Richard Edwards had the task of judging. Richard who has spent his life around Herefords, is a well known cattle fitter and hoof trimmer and follows in the footsteps of his father Steve in judging such events.

CHAMPION: Senior Female Champion Richmount 1 Ruby Royale, owned and bred by James Graham and shown by son Bradley.

Leading the way in the Male section were two Moeskaer Upgrade sons with judge Richard Edwards awarding Male Champion to Solpoll 1 Rival, a September born calf whose dam is by Henry and out of a Dynamite cow.

This is the fourth successive year the herd has claimed this award.

Reserve Male went to Solpoll 1 Rudolph who was born on Christmas Day out of a Dynamite dam and won the second bull calf class.

Standing Reserve in the Junior Male Championship was the winner of the January and February class Solpoll 1 Real Good, an ET son of NBG 697 The Wonderer and a daughter of Solpoll 1 Dainty N11 whose full brother Pounder sold to AI Services at 11 months old.

To top the day off Rudolph and Real Good teamed up to win the pairs in a very big class.

Peter Collins took the Junior Male Champion with Drumgold Finn with other class wins going to Mark Moore’s Annaghbeg Fernando on the day.

Females on the day where led by the Junior Champion, Drumshambo 1 Journey, the eye-catching junior female shone on the day for Ethan and Gerry Small of Randalstown.

This is the second success for the family as they claimed Junior Bull last year. The home bred Heifer didn’t stop there and went on to take Overall Female Champion showing that age doesn’t come before beauty and certainly one with future potential.

Reserve Supreme female and reserve Junior female went to on of the youngest heifers Lisnaree 1 Ruby owned and bred by Marcus Murdock, another young Heifer who was at home when it come to the show ring.

Senior female went to Richmount 1 Ruby Royale who is owned and bred by James Graham, a female who is not unfamiliar to winning was crowned junior female Champion at the National show in Omagh this year. Ciaran Kerr’s Heifer Kinnego 1 Rainbow showed her colours to take the reserve Senior female back to Lurgan for the family.

Richard’s partner Emma Smith, who runs the National Hereford Youth team, judged the young handlers on the day. Emma, who has been with cattle all her life, scrutinised the young handlers to award the overall to Ethan Carey-Small.


Supreme Male Champion: Solpoll 1 Rival J&W McMordie

Reserve Supreme Male: Solpoll 1 Rudolph J&W McMordie

Supreme Female Champion: Drumshambo 1 Journey J&G Small

Reserve Supreme Female: Lisnaree 1 Ruby Marcus Murdock

Senior Male Champion: Solpoll 1 Rival J&W McMordie

Reserve Senior Male: Solpoll 1 Rudolph J&W McMordie

Senior Female Champion: Richmount 1 Ruby Royale James Graham

Reserve Senior Female: Kinnego 1 Rainbow Ciaran Kerr

Junior Male Champion: Drumgold Finn Peter Collins

Reserve Junior Male: Solpoll 1 Real Good J&W McMordie

Junior Female Champion: Drumshambo 1 Journey J&G Small

Reserve Junior Female: Lisnaree 1 Ruby Marcus Murdock

Young Handle Champion: Ethan Small


Class 1 Bull Calf born 1/9/17-31/10/17

1) Solpoll 1 Rival J&W Mcmordie

2) Richmount 1 Red Rock James Graham

3) Kinnego 1 Rocket Man Ciaran Kerr

4) Nancy Beckham T Morton

5) Mountview 1 Genesis T&S Andrews

6) Richmount 1 Rockafella James Graham

Class 2 Bull born 1/11/17-31/12/17

1) Solpoll 1 Rudolph J&W Mcmordie

2) Holestone 1 Parapet Brian Mawhinney

Class 3 Bull born 1/1/28-28/2/18

1) Solpoll 1 Real Good J&W McMordie

2) Annaghbeg 1 Felix Mark Moore

3) Tamnabrady 1 General Derek McCrea

4) Castlepoll 1 Henry C&M Beatty

Class 4 Bull born 1/3/18-30/4/18

1) Drumgold 1 Finn Peter Collins

2) Kinnego 1 Rolex Ciaran Kerr

3) Annaghbeg 1 Ferdinand Mark Moore

Class 5 Bull born after 1/5/18

1) Annaghbeg Fernando Mark Moore

2) Carneyhill 1 Ribeye J&K Taggart

3) Lisnaree 1 Romeo Marcus Murdock

4) Umgola 1 Challenger Stephen Baxter

5) Nancy 1 Carson G&T Morton

6) Nancy Cooper G&T Morton

Class 6 Female born 1/9/17-31/10/17

1) Kinnego 1 Rainbow Ciaran Kerr

2) Drumshambo 1 Sparkles J&G Small

3) Holestone 1 Sadie Brian Mawhinney

4) Drumshambo 1 Tessa J&G Small

5) Mountview 1 Gelato T&S Andrews

6) Dorepoll 1 Classic Kim JE,RI&W Haire

Class 7 Female born 1/11/17-31/12/17

1) Richmount 1 Ruby Royale James Graham

Class 8 Female born 1/1/17-29/2/17

1) Drumshambo 1 Journey J&G Small

2) Dorepoll 1 Duchess JE,RI&W Haire

3) Richmount 1 Rosemunde James Graham

4) Richmount 1 Radio Gaga James Graham

5) Castlepoll 1 Molly 4th C&M Beatty

Class 9 Female born 1/3/18-30/4/18

1) Lisnaree 1 Ruby Marcus Murdock

2) Dorepoll 1 Sparkler 665 Stephen Cherry

3) Annaghbeg Flora X Mark Moore

4) Umgola Sabrina 2nd Stephen Baxter

5) Carneyhill 1 Emma 22nd J&K Taggart

Class 10 Female born after 1/5/18

1) Nancy Candie G&T Morton

Class 11 Pairs

1) J&W Mcmordie

2) J&G Small

3) Brian Mawhinney

4) Ciaran Kerr

5) James Graham

6) James Graham

7) Mark Moore

Class 12a Young Handler 12-14

1) Bradley Graham

2) Nathaniel Shaw

3) Jamie Bunting

Class 12b Young Handler 15-18

1) Ethan Small

2) John Andrews

3) Marcus Murdock

4) Corchannia Dorman

WELL DONE: Overall Young Handler Ethan Carey-Small with judge Emma Smith.

5) Emma McCrea


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