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Create a haven for wildlife with help from The Wild Gardener

The Wild Gardener, a brand new four-part series for BBC One Northern Ireland presented by Colin Stafford-Johnson, will show how anyone can turn their garden –vast or tiny – into a haven for wildlife.

“Lose those lawns,” is Colin’s battle cry. “Nature needs your garden.”

In the series, beginning on BBC One Northern Ireland on Wednesday, November 24, at 10.35pm, Colin returns home to embark on a very personal journey of garden redemption after decades of filming Earth’s dwindling wildlife.

Colin has inherited his boyhood country garden and over the course of two years sets out to transform this overgrown orchard on Ireland’s east coast into the ultimate wildlife haven, a sanctuary to both home and celebrate the native plants and animals of these islands.

Getting down and dirty, he’ll move mountains, dig ponds, clear scrub, plant woodland and sow wild meadows as he tries to figure out how to lure the wild creatures back.

Gardening is in Colin’s blood – his father Barney was a TV gardener, their family ran a garden centre and Colin spent his holidays in this garden slashing and pruning, mowing and spraying – keeping the unruly forces of nature at bay.

Across two 60-minute episodes, Colin will reflect on how the planet has changed since he was a child, how our natural world now needs every space we can offer it and what better place to start than with our own backyards!

On his journey, Colin travels across the British Isles to meet other wild gardeners on their personal crusades, using what he learns to help complete his own garden transformation.

From tiny green havens in London city, to country estates embracing the wilder side, each fresh location delivers new lessons to apply to his own Irish garden.

Colin says: “Whether in a remote village or suffocating suburb – your garden patch, big or small – can genuinely help our beleaguered natural world.”

n The Wild Gardener is made by Crossing Line Productions.



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