Crime drama Silent Witness celebrates its 200th episode

Silent Witness (BBC)
Silent Witness (BBC)

Silent Witness actor Richard Lintern has said the crime drama could go on for another 22 series as the cast and crew celebrated the 200th episode.

The hit show about a team of forensic pathologists was launched in 1996 and returned to BBC One this month for its 22nd run.

The 200th episode airs on Tuesday night.

Lintern, who has played Dr Thomas Chamberlin since 2014, said the secret of the show’s success is “the brilliance of the original concept and the quality of the writing that is brought to it”.

“The concept of the ‘silent witness’ somehow speaking is a really powerful and massively flexible concept,” he said.

“If the show continues to be cherished and fed with talented writers bringing new ideas to the programme, there is no reason why it couldn’t go on for another 22 series.

“It’s not exactly limping along at the moment – the show has gone from strength-to-strength.”

Silent Witness also stars Emilia Fox, David Caves and Liz Carr.


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