Cups and trophies at Mossvale

Mossvale RC BR Farm
70CM: Caitlyn Patterson presenting the Julie Patterson trophy to Zara Smyth on ‘Charlie’, winner of the 70cm class at Mossvale. (FW10-522NN)

MOSSVALE held another set of cup qualifiers recently – one was on January 25, then February 1, 8 and the final on the February 15. All competitors had to jump two nights out of the three to qualify for the cups and trophies at the final.

The Thursday evening Show jumping Training Shows continue from 7.30pm, with classes from 60cm up to 1m+, while Friday evening pony jumping runs from cross-poles up to 80/ 90cm, starting at 7pm.

80CM: Amber Bradley on ‘Flynn’, winner of the 80cm class and the Churchill plaque at Mossvale, presented by Caitlyn Patterson. (FW10-521NN)

Everyone is welcome to come along to these nights.

The next set of cups and trophies will be jumped for on March 29 – qualifying nights are March 8, 15 and 22. All competitors must jump two out the three nights prior to the final (same combination).

Sunday, April 28 will see Anniversary celebrations at Mossvale, as it 45 years from Mossvale Indoor was built! Details on classes will be available later.

On Saturday, July 27, Mossvale will hold Show Jumper of the Year 2019. Classes will be Junior Pre-Novice 60cm; Novice 75cm and Open 95cm; Senior Pre-Novice 70cm; Novice 85cm and Open 1m. All competitors in the SJOTY must be members of an NI Riding Club. Rules will apply in each class.

A Summer Show is scheduled for Saturday, August 3.


Friday, January 25

Pony Jumping – Cross-poles: Anna Poots, Tinkerbelle; Leo Bradley, Patch; Zack Bradley, Patch; Corin Widdes, Patch; Grace Brannon, Patch; Charlie Black, Freddie; Alice Steele, Rosie (drew trophy); Serena Brown, Boom; James McClelland, Rocky.

40cm: Lucas Bradley, Reilly; Alice Steele, Rosie; Zach Watson, Casper; Charlie Watson, Beau (drew trophy).

50cm: Scott McKnight, Candypops (drew trophy); Fergus Lowry, Daisy; Jack Cowan, Jolly Jasper; Julianna Nelson, Star.

60cm: Hannah Orr, Humbug; Scott McKnight, Candypops; Brooke Rice, Monty; Sophia Madeley, Alfie; Catherine Cowan, Milly May; Amber Bradley, Reilly; Julianna Nelson, Casper (drew trophy); Fergus Lowry, Daisy.

70cm: Sophia Madeley, Alfie; Taylor McKnight, Bambi; Kaitlyn Kearns, Jacob; Kaitlyn Kearns, Diablo; Sarah Cowan, Take Two; Jenna Morton, Heidi (drew trophy).

80cm: Taylor McKnight, Bambi (drew trophy); Jenna Morton, Heidi; Zara Smyth, Charlie; Lewis Orr, Lynch; Kaitlyn Kearns, Jacob.

Friday, February 1

Pony Jumping – Cross-poles: Anna Poots, Tinkerbelle; Zach Cassidy, Minty (drew trophy); Leo Bradley, Patch; Charlie Black, Freddie; Serena Brown, Boom.

40cm: No Result.

50cm: Lucas Bradley, Flynn (drew trophy); Julianna Nelson, Star; Zach Watson, Casper; Charley Watson, Beau.

60cm: Julianna Nelson, Casper.

70cm: Amber Bradley, Flynn; Kaitlyn Kearns, Jacob; Zara Reid, Joey.

80cm: Amber Bradley, Flynn.

Friday, February 8

Pony Jumping – Cross-poles: Leo Bradley, Patch; Zack Bradley, Patch (drew trophy); Grace Brannon, Patch; Robyn McMurray, Royanna; Serena Brown, Boom; Alice Steele, Rosie.

40cm: Alice Steele, Rosie (won trophy).

50cm: Annabelle Betts, Mac; Fergus Lowry, Daisy; Julianna Nelson, Star; Zara Reid, Joey (drew trophy).

60cm: Fergus Lowry, Daisy; Julianna Nelson, Casper (drew trophy); Hannah Orr, Humbug; Zara Reid, Joey.

70cm: Charlotte Betts, Percy; Sophia Madeley, Alfie; Amber Bradley, Flynn (drew trophy); Zara Smyth, Charlie; Fergus Lowry, Daisy.

80cm: Lewis Orr, Lynch; Zara Smyth, Charlie; Beka McKinstry, Bella.

Friday, February 15

Pony Jumping – CUP FINAL

Cross-poles (Winterhill Memorial Cup): 1) Anna Poots, Tinkerbelle; 2) Robyn McMurray, Royanna; 3) Charlie Black, Freddie; 4) Leo Bradley, Patch; 5) Serena Brown, Boom; 6) Alice Steele, Rosie.

40cm Scott Murray Trophy: 1) Alice Steele, Rosie.

50cm Ross Murray Trophy: 1) Julianna Nelson, Star.

60cm Neill Patterson Trophy: 1) Hannah Orr, Humbug; 2) Julianna Nelson, Casper.

70cm Julie Patterson Trophy: 1) Zara Smyth, Charlie; 2) Amber Bradley, Flynn; 3) Kaitlyn Kearns, Diablo; 4) Kaitlyn Kearns, Jacob.

80cm: 1) Amber Bradley, Flynn; 2) Zara Smyth, Charlie; 3) Lewis Orr, Lynch; 4) Kaitlyn Kearns, Jacob.

Friday, February 22

Pony Jumping – Cross-poles: Serena Brown, Boom; Zach Cassidy, Minty (drew trophy); James McClelland, Rocky.

40cm: Isaac McCarthy, Joey; Serena Brown, Boom (drew trophy).

50cm: Shannon Cairns, Pria (won trophy).

60cm: Emma Stewart, Polo (drew trophy); Olivia Stewart, Timmy; Julianna Nelson, Casper; Hannah Orr, Humbug.

70cm: Sophie Sloan, Lady Bella; Emma Stewart, Polo; Chloe Walker, Blaze (drew trophy); Alfie Herron, Biscuit.

60CM: Hannah Orr and ‘Humbug’, winner of the 60cm class and the Neill Patterson Trophy, presented by Neill’s daughter Caitlyn at Mossvale. (FW10-520NN)

80cm: Tully Tumilty, Sparky; Laura McClelland, Bronty Boy; Sophie Sloan, Lady Bella (drew trophy).


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