Cutting silage in Ardmillan

Silage contractor SM Farm
n The Krone Big X 1100 is shown here lifting a fifty foot sward of grass on the dairy farm of Eddie Gill near Ardmillan in Co. Down.

Contractor Brian Horner is pictured cutting silage for dairy farmer Eddie Gill near Ardmillan in County Down.

Brian has purchased four new 20 tonne Smyth Field Master silage trailers fitted with Tri axles for his business.

n It takes a tractor of this size and horse power to draw these new style Tri axle silage trailers. :

Both the front and rear axles steer on these trailers and are fitted with air brakes and are ideal when the cut has to be carried long distances to the silo.

n The two John Deere 6175 R tractors are teamed with the Tri Axle Smyth Field Master silage trailers. It shows just how big modern silage machinery has become in 2021. :

Brian uses John Deere 6175 R tractors along with a New Holland T7 260.


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