Darren Gillespie: The Master Breeder

Ducks 27-8-20 SM Farm

Last Saturday I had the pleasure to pay a visit to true poultry breeder Darren Gillespie from County Armagh.

Darren was one of the first people that made my sons and I very welcome when we started to show poultry. One of the true gentlemen of the showing scene.

On more than one occasion Darren has been called a Master Breeder and having been to see his set-up on Saturday and talking to him, I can seriously say that he is a real Master Breeder.

I have travelled to a lot of poultry breeders in Ireland and across the water in England but I have never seen as tidy a set-up anywhere. Darren’s passion for his birds and pride in a very tidy set-up comes through in the quality that he is breeding. From his Dutch to the very white Calls, every pen was a pleasure to walk around.

Drinkers, feeders and pens were all spotless and when I arrived he was in the process of power hosing his Dutch breeder pens, getting them ready for more young stock.

As you can see from the photos, Darren has quality stock. His beautiful Pekin ducks were walking around the field and also his Dutch.

What can one say, Darren has won all over with his Dutch and a few years ago at the English National he not only got Best Dutch in Show but he also went on to receive the accolade of Best Bantam Cock of the Show.

Darren also showed me his Saxony ducks, which were looking impressive. It was great to see Darren and his father getting Best Heavy and Champion Waterfowl at various shows in Northern Ireland, Scotland and England over the years.

The Call ducks were not to be outdone and he has again lifted top awards across the water and at home. It is the sign of a true professional when he continues to win with various different breeds.

Darren keeps a detailed stock book, knowing which birds each of the chicken and ducks are bred from.

Another passion for him has been his Gold Sebrights and it was great to see a pen of them coming along nicely.

Darren was telling me that his daughter now has a few hens. It is always great to see the next generation taking an interest.

Darren also has a Facebook page, Glenview Poultry. Why not search and like his page and see for yourself the quality of birds and, who knows, you may be lucky to purchase some.

Once again I would like to thank Darren for the afternoon’s craic and look forward to watching his continuing success.


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