David Hockney portrait of Ed Sheeran to be shown in UK for first time

Ed Sheeran features in a portrait by David Hockney (PA)
Ed Sheeran features in a portrait by David Hockney (PA)

A portrait by David Hockney of Ed Sheeran will be shown in the UK for the first time.

It will be part of an exhibition of portraits by the British artist, 82, entitled Video Brings Its Time To You, You Bring Your Time To Paintings And Drawings, which will also include a canvas of singer Bruno Mars.

The painting of Sheeran shows the musician seated in a green armchair, wearing glasses and a white T-shirt that shows off his heavily tattooed arms.

Ed Sheeran by David Hockney (Richard Schmidt/handout)

He appears to be looking directly at the artist, with one foot tucked up on the seat.

It is one of 18 portraits painted – using a mixture of charcoal, crayon and acrylic on canvas – of Hockney’s friends and associates that will go on display at The Annely Juda Fine Art exhibition.

It will also include five coloured ink drawings on paper featuring people including the artist’s sister, Margaret Hockney, and Scarlett Clark, the granddaughter of Hockney’s long-time muse, Celia Birtwell.

Margaret Hockney by David Hockney (Richard Schmidt/handout)

The exhibition also includes two multiple perspective videos, entitled Woldgate Woods, Winter 2010 (9 screens) and Seven Yorkshire Landscapes, 2011 (18 screens).

Filmed in Hockney’s native Yorkshire, the videos were created by attaching multiple cameras to a car and driving through Yorkshire’s rural landscape.

They are presented on multiple screens to comprise one work, presenting various perspectives at one time.

Bruno Mars by David Hockney (Richard Schmidt/handout)

Three photographic drawings will also be featured in the exhibition, showing interior scenes of Hockney’s LA studio, featuring friends and colleagues, along with studio equipment and various elements of furniture, props and mirrors.

David Hockney: Video Brings Its Time To You, You Bring Your Time To Paintings And Drawings is at Annely Juda Fine Art in London from February 28 to April 25.

It coincides with Hockney’s exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery, David Hockney: Drawing From Life, which runs from February 27 to June 28.


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