Denis does dressage double at Flexi Eventing

Flexi Eventing BR Farm
JUMPING WELL: Katie Clarke and ‘Mulvin Blue Moon’ jumped clear in the 80cm cross-country class at the Flexi Eventing.(FW09-550NN)

EXCITEMENT continues to mount in the Baileys Horse Feeds Flexi Eventing League at the Meadows Equestrian Centre, Lurgan, where there was still movement on the leaderboard going into the penultimate round. It was a mixed day, weather wise, with some competitors enjoying the sunshine while others were unfortunate to get caught up in the sharp shower that invaded late morning.

However, sunshine and showers seemed to be the perfect mix for Denis Currie, who stole the show with a double victory partnering his perfect and trusty companion, ‘Arodstown Aramis’, who is no stranger to leading a dressage field. The combination got 71.3% from Angelene Nicholson in the Novice class and 71.6% in the Intermediate section plus a double clear in show jumping to gain very valuable points and a chance to take a significant slice of the £1,000 prize money, very kindly sponsored by Baileys Horse Feeds.

ON FORM: Connor McClory riding ‘Tumble’ to a clear round in the 1m Show jumping class at the Flexi Eventing. (FW09-549NN)

Taking second place to Denis in the Novice class was Lucy Hanna, who also broke the 70% barrier with ‘Brian’, her home-bred six-year-old by ‘September Storm’, who was a winner at the Flexi Eventing back in week one. Helen Faulkner, who has been a regular supporter of this popular Series, took the runner up spot in the Intermediate class with Lady Ann Cunningham’s gelding, ‘Danny’.

The Intro class this week was not divided and the huge entry was judged by Fran Warden, who reserved her top marks for Nicky Nesbitt and her ‘Crosstown Dancer’ mare, ‘Carrickview Saratoga’, whose consistency in this League has been exceptionally impressive, as was their score of 78%. This Irish Draught mare’s confidence has certainly grown over the past seven weeks and organisers look forward to seeing what the eventing season holds for the combination. Gemma Goodrich slotted into second place with Carole Young’s striking mare, ‘Lisnamuck Ab Fab’, a six-year-old, which Carole bought as a two-year-old, following the ‘King of Diamonds’ breeding on the Dam side. This result was more remarkable given that Gemma had taken the ride just three days prior to the Saturday competition. Organisers all look forward to following this mare’s progress as she joins the ranks of the EI 90 competitors in a few weeks time.

The Pre Novice class, judged by Jackie Reid, was another heavily subscribed class, but one where talent was very obvious.

Sharing the spoils in top place were Nichola Wray on ‘Lady Grey V1’ and Jenny Nixon on ‘Harley’, both finishing on 70.3%. Nichola has been eventing with her nine-year-old mare since 2016, having moved up to EI 100 level towards the end of last season and her results in the Flexi Eventing have been impressive. Equally impressive, has been Jenny Nixon on ‘Harley’, a seven-year-old grey gelding by ‘Cruise On Harley’, out of a mare by ‘Vriend’. The pair have also had two previous wins in the League and, undoubtedly, have a promising season ahead.

Show jumping had their biggest entry to date, with a very high standard of jumping across the board. It was busy in Arena 3, too, where the cross-country competitors had a fabulous selection of fences, which caught some unsuspecting four-legged friends out.

Once again, sincere thanks to all judges, scribes, admin staff, scorers, call up stewards (who braved the heavy rain with great stamina), arena parties and everyone whose contribution helps to keep the day running very efficiently.

Sincere thanks go to Judy Maxwell of Baileys Horse Feeds for her generous sponsorship.

Next week sees the Grand Final of this League which, to date, has seen almost 700 combinations compete.

Since results of the top 15 won’t be known until late in the day, it has been decided, in consultation with the sponsor, that the presentation of prizes will take place at the Two-Phase Event at Tyrella on March 9. Further details will be given next week.


Saturday, February 23


Arena 1 – Intro – Judge: Fran Warden: 1) Nicky Nesbitt, Carrickview Saratoga; 2) Gemma Goodrich, Lisnamuck Ab Fab; 3) Matthew Johnston, Val; 4) Nicola Martin, Butter; 5) Grace O’Shaughnessy, Cooper; 6) Rachel McKimmon, Jasper.

Arena 2 – Pre Novice – Judge: Jackie Reid: =1) Nichola Wray, Lady Grey; Jenny Nixon, Harley; 3) Janie Cairns, Rioja; 4) Helen Cunningham, Lady; 5) Leah Knight, Wolf; 6) Kerry Parkhill, Elsa.

Arena 3 – Novice – Judge: Angelene Nicholson: 1) Denis Currie, Arodstown Aramis; 2) Lucy Hanna, Brian; 3) Lucy Hanna, Maverick; 4) Nicky Nesbitt, Ringfort India; =5) Lucy Johnston, Jupiter; Kathryn McKibbin, Murphy.

Arena 3 – Intermediate – Judge: Angelene Nicholson: 1) Denis Currie, Arodstown Aramis; 2) Helen Faulkner, Danny; 3) Lisa Allen, Dolly; 4) Sarah Gilkinson, Lush Upgrade; 5) Louise Nicholson, Jake.

Show jumping (double clears)

70cm: Matthew Wilcock, Drumcaughey Lucky; Katie Clarke, Mulvin Blue Moon; Alison Kingsmill, Bratt; Darren Irwin, Horse; Luke Campbell, Luna; Stephen McManus, Connor.

80cm: Edward Little, Charlie; Alex McMaster, Fleur; Ruth Lyttle, Classic Centrefold; Katie Clarke, Mulvin Blue Moon; Leah Knight, Patrick; Hannah McKinstry, Dawn; Victoria Craig, Rocky; Yvonne Whiteside, Lowla; Simone Leathem, Jake; Sadie McMahon, So Shades; Gwen Scott, Fenix; Tara Emmett, Diamond Girl; Sandra Somerville, Chilled Magners.

90cm: Johnny Mulligan, Bobby; Alex Turley, Rosie; Grace O’Shaughnessy, Cooper; Tiana McGrathj, Kali; Casey Webb, Simba; Victoria Boville, Darcy; Gemma Goodrich, Lisnamuck Ab Fab; Katherine McCauley, Archie; Erin Barlow, Murphy; Shane McKeever, KHS Impact; Charlie Black, Oscar Rua; Jenny Nixon, Harley; Abby Cummiskey, CSC Apache Dove.

1m: Edward Little, Sandi; Edward Little, Bella; Connor McClory, Tumble; Sarah Irvine, Harry; Tori Jewiss, Charlie; Alison McClean, Shilow Natal; Gwen Scott, Tullaree Fear Bui; Ashleigh Carlisle, Eve; Abby Cummiskey, CSC Apache Dove; Meabh McIlduff, Dalsown Done & Dusted; P Lynch, Louise; Luke Campbell, Archie; Liz Cherry, Monty Millar; Connor McClory, Joey; Stephen McManus, Josie; Christina Turley, Bob; Olivia Johns, Lagan’s Peter; Johnny Mulligan, Bobby; Mags Connolly, Ruby; Sarah Kee, Fred; Tom Hogan, CB; Anna Tassel, Savanagh; Connor McClory, Babe; Rachel Ward, Evie; Ben Maybin, Mags; Luke Campbell, Missy; Leah Knight, Belle; Trudie McCoosh, Nigella; Ellie McIlroy, Spider; Tadgh Clarke, Rolla; Edward Little, Bosco; Jessica McIntyre, Candy; Leah Knight, Zeb; Sadie McMahon, Africa.

1.10m: Alison McClean, Shilow Natal; Fiona Cooper, Bump; Fiona Cooper, Jim; Yvonne Whiteside, Safie; Louise Nicholson, Jake; Rachel Ward, Evie; Jane Kelsey, Joey; Maeve Clarke, Bonnie; Denis Currie, Arodstown Aramis; Nicci Hall, Casper; Jade Walsh, Davino; Amber Walsh, Cas; Jessica McIntyre, Kiki; Fergus Reid, Ferro; Lucy Johnston, Jupiter; Anna Kelly, Something Special; Daniel Moore, Scoobie B.

1.20m: Leah Knight, Milo; Jessica McIntyre, Chilly; Sarah Gilkinson, Lush Upgrade; Melissa McKee, Beach Babe; Victoria Thompson, Armani Velvet.

Cross-Country (Clear Round)

80cm: Nicola Martin, Butter; Katie Wray, Crann Daragh; Katie Clarke, Mulvin Blue Moon; Martina Hope, Junior; Hannah McKinstry, Dawn; James Murphy, Noah; Ros Murphy, Maloney; Lucy Hanna, Lemon; Niamh Laverty, Little Miss Izzy; Zara Smyth, Jake; Ailsa Martin, Shakira.

90cm: Nicole Barr, Krista; Kerry Parkhill, Elsa; Nicky Nesbitt, Carrickview Saratoga; Abby Cummiskey, CSC Apache Dove; Ellie McIlroy, Spider; Jon Champion, Orbie; Eve McDowell, Nakuti; Carolyn Avery, Bruno; James Murphy, Noah; Robyn McFadden, Pyper; Shane McKeever, KHS Impact; Simone Leathem, Fionn; Kelva McKeown, PJ; Aislin Captain, Apache Feather; Jemma Parkhill, Ted; Jemma Parkhill, Ted.

80CM: Ailsa Martin and ‘Shakira’ jumped clear in the 80cm cross-country class at the Flexi Eventing. (FW09-548NN)

1m: Janie Cairns, Ed; Meabh McIlduff, Dalsown Done & Dusted; Connor McClory, Joey; Olivia Johns, Lagan’s Peter; Connor McClory, Bee; Katie Wray, Easy Dun; Connor McClory, Mister Tumble; Janie Cairns, Charlie; Janie Cairns, Rioja; Nicky Nesbitt, Ringfort India; Kerry Magill, Toffee; Lauren Brooker, Barnfield Indian Sky.


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