Derby Series at Ardnacashel

Ardnacashel Derby BR Farm
80CM WINNER: Caroline Crossen on ‘Romie’ on their way to winning the 80cm class at the Ardnacashel Derby. (FW41-554NN)

EVER fancied a mix of cross-country, working hunter and a dab of show jumping all in the one competition? Well, this is exactly what is on offer at Ardnacashel’s Derby Series, which is running again on October 13! The ground was excellent, the atmosphere relaxed and there was plenty of ‘craic’ to be had.

Horses and riders seemed to really enjoy getting out across country and the Ardnacashel steps leading up and out of the main arena into the Derby field provided the perfect ‘opener up’ to give confidence and promote positive riding throughout.

ENJOYABLE COURSE: Gareth Dugan enjoyed jumping the course at the Ardnacashel Derby. (FW41-553NN)

Jessica House won the 70cm class with her wonderful ‘Kind of Magic’, with super rounds from Ellie McDonnell on ‘Tyrllan Moderate’, Molly McCloy on ‘Paddy’ and Lisa Booth on ‘Flossy’.

The 80cm class was won by Caroline Crossin on ‘Romie’, who had a fantastic round demonstrating positive and tactful riding. Also in the ribbons were Fiona Magowan on ‘Freedom’, Jamie Gibson on ‘Lily’ and Lyndsey Leonard with ‘Bailey’.

The 90cm class was as competitive as always and it proved very successful for Cerys Howell, who took first and second place on ‘Murphy’ and ‘Leo’ respectfully. Emily Kirkland on the super ‘Rafa’ was third and Gillian Neill was awarded fourth place on ‘Lily’. Congratulations to all who took part and thank you for your continued support.

If you have not had the experience of riding a Derby style course, and want to try it out, you can book the Derby field at Ardnacashel by contacting Janice on 07921 760441.


Derby Day

70cm: 1) Jessica House, Kind of Magic; 2) Ellie McDonnell, Tyrllan Moderate; 3) Molly McCloy, Paddy; 4) Lisa Booth, Flossy.

80cm: 1) Caroline Crossin, Romie; 2) Fiona Magowan, Freedom; 3) Jamie Gibson, Lily; 4) Lyndsey Leonard, Bailey.

RUNNER UP: Fiona Magowan and ‘Freedom’ came second in the 80cm class at the Ardnacashel Derby. (FW41-552NN)

90cm: 1) Cerys Howell, Murphy; 2) Cerys Howell, Leo; 3) Emily Kirkland, Rafa; 4) Gillian Neill, Lily.


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