Devenish signs poultry technology deal in Jamaica

Devenish SM Farm

Successful agri-technology group Devenish, which is headquartered in Belfast, has just signed a £25 million technology and R&D agreement with Caribbean Broilers in Jamaica.

The 10-year contract will mean that Devenish’s science and technology will be used in the production of sustainable chicken suited to a tropical climate and diet.

“We will build a performance house, identify challenges and use our combined knowledge and expertise to agree trial implementation,” said Richard Kennedy, chief executive of Devenish.

Devenish uses a combination of science, technology and innovation in the development of food production systems, and specialises in the optimisation of nutrient use for the animal feed and food industry.

The company has an annual turnover of £235 million, with a staff of 700 spread across the globe.

It boasts an innovation centre in Dowth, County Meath, and operations in the Middle East and India.

Caribbean Broilers is an agri-business firm operating in three markets: Jamaica, Haiti and the United States.

Mr Kennedy said Ireland had the ability to play a key role in the international food industry once the virus crisis had passed.


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