Doda set to seize the UK and Irish umbilical market with new pump


ITALIAN pump manufacturer Aldo Doda is set to launch a completely new high pressure umbilical pump at LAMMA 2020 in conjunction with their UK and Irish distributors SlurryKat.

Doda is one of the original manufacturers of pumps for umbilical systems first seen in the UK market back in the 1970s. Renowned for its unrivalled flow rates, high pressure and efficient performance, the Doda AFI range was originally based on the smaller L27 and L35 models and then superseded 12 years ago with the ground breaking AFI 35HD, which offered previously unseen performance, boasting pr-

essures up to 16 bar @ 300m3+ per hour. This HD model has been hugely popular in the UK and Irish market over the last 12 years with over 6,000 units sold to date.

The new 2020 version of the HD35 carries all the best features of the current model with welcomed additions, the main advance consists of a completely new shaft and chopping system which has further strengthen the unit against foreign objects.

The new shaft design, on which the rotating AFI blade is fitted, is now 60 per cent larger while the rotating AFI blade is no longer screwed onto the shaft, but instead is mounted via a splined shaft and the AFI blade is internally machine splined to match this and is retained with a high tensile nut. This technological advance means that the rotating blade is very easy removed for service. This splined design is similar to a PTO drive shaft on the rear of a tractor.

Other advances include a 50 per cent thicker pump body casting giving much longer wear life. The new pump range is also available with a new optional Dura-Line system on the main wear components, including pump body, impeller and the pressure plate.

These components are manu-factured from a unique wear resistant metal to increase pump life which is tailored to the intensive user who pumps sandy slurry.

The pump will be officially launched at its first public viewing at LAMMA 2020 at the SlurryKat stand.


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