Donegal Harriers enjoy a day’s hunt at Lifford

RIGHT: Lifford mechanic Sean Porter downs tools every weekend to hunt his super gelding, Rascal. (FW50-505NN)

ON Sunday, December 1, the Donegal Harriers returned to a firm favourite in their hunt calendar, Maggies Tavern, Lifford.

Happy Hunters: Jonny Creswell, Rose de Montmorency and Erin Sweeney. (FW50-504NN)

Leaving the pub sharpish, the mounted field of 40 looked forward to a day of great sport in the winter sun. With new ground acquired from Willie Lapsley, at Binnion, they weren’t disappointed. Hunting Hugh Wilson’s ground til dusk, once huntsman Oliver Little blew for home, everyone was ready for Alice Lynch’s stew, back at Maggies.

DEBUT: Jamie Kelly, (14) son of Desertmartin racehorse trainer Noel Kelly, made his hunt debut with the Donegals. (FW50-502NN)
Prep Talk: Whip Mark McGlinchey puts Jamie Rodgers through his paces. (FW50-503NN)


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