Donegal Harriers meet at Ballinacross

Donegal Harriers BR Farm
WELL MOUNTED: Right, David Mulrine was on board a fine hunter for the Donegal Harriers meet at Ballinacross. (FW46-570NN)

IN unseasonably fine weather, the Donegal Harriers returned to the ever-popular Ballinacross farm on November 3, by kind invitation of brothers, Robin and David Canning.

WHIPPER IN: Farrier by day, whipper in on Sundays, Joe Ranaghan, made light work of the walls at Ballinacross. (FW46-569NN)

There were drains, ditches and stone walls aplenty… And Master Donal Day’s soup afterwards, made for a truly memorable day!

BREATHER: Letterkenny’s Gynn Yemm and daughter Nicole Fox, pause for a breather during the Ballinacross meet. (FW46-568NN)
OVER THE WALL: Right, Professional stone wall rebuilder, Jonny Hetherington out on foot at Ballinacross. (FW46-567NN)


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