Double reds for Clarke as Dalways dressage heats up

ABOVE: Chloe Brophy and Townsend Lionheart. (FW29-501NN)

THE rain might have made an appearance but it didn’t dampen the enthusiasm of riders at the second leg of the Dalways Bawn Summer Dressage league. Thanks to Lucy Adams for judging and to all the volunteers who made the day such a success.

Intro A Assisted – 1, Sarah Ross and Dalways Stormtrooper, 2, Amy Creighton and Savannah.

ABOVE: Tegan Clarke and Dalways Checkmate. (FW29-500NN)

Intro A – 1, Joanne Walmsley and Red, 2, Jackie Bowen and Bob the Cob, 3, Scott Alexander and Crosspoint Tobin, 4, Amy Ferris and Part Exchange, 5, Scott Alexander and Domino, 6, Michele Cross and Bobilicious.

Preliminary 4 – 1, Carrie Clarke and Dalways Eclipse, 2, Katie Lowry and Miscellaneous, 3, Kerry Creighton and Dakota Savannah, 4, Pippa Robinson and Trixie.

Preliminary 5 – 1, Tegan Clarke and Dalways Checkmate, 2, Karen Johnstone and Perish the Pack, 3, Libby Anderson and Puzzle, 4, Jennifer Hamil and Teenage Witch.

Novice 26 – 1, Tegan Clarke and Dalways Checkmate, 2, Chloe Brophy and Townsend Lionheart.

Once again thanks to all who came and supported us, looking forward to seeing you all at Leg Three on August 5. In the meantime don’t forget the summer show on July 28.


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